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Strange bumps

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Strange bumps. By Arnold Lobel. Use Your Imagination. Have you ever imagined something or someone was in your room? What was it? How did you feel? What did you do?. Picture Walk. Let ’ s predict what might happen…. Words to Know. pleasant. - nice. crash. - a loud noise. bang.

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strange bumps

Strange bumps

By Arnold Lobel

use your imagination
Use Your Imagination

Have you ever imagined something or someone was in your room? What was it? How did you feel? What did you do?

picture walk

Picture Walk

Let’s predict what might happen….

words to know
Words to Know


- nice


- a loud noise


- a sudden noise that sounds like an explosion


- a lump


- unusual or different

drawing conclusions
Drawing Conclusions

Writers don’t always give readers all the information about a character or a story event. Readers must make guesses to fill in the missing pieces. To draw conclusions, readers may take small pieces of information about a character and use the information to make a decision about that character.

drawing conclusions pg 55
Drawing Conclusions – Pg. 55

Q: What is the main idea on pages 54 and 55?

A: Owl is worried about the bumps in the bed

Q: What clues tell us that he is frightened?

Make a list

drawing conclusions pg 57
Drawing Conclusions – Pg. 57

Q: What is the main idea on pages 56 and 57?

A: Owl cannot understand why the bumps are moving

Q: Using the pictures and words, how do you think Owl is acting?

A: Owl is acting foolishly

drawing conclusions pg 59
Drawing Conclusions – Pg. 59

We already know that the bumps are Owl’s own feet. What clues does the author give to help us reach this conclusion before Owl?

The bumps are under the blanket at the bottom of the bed. Page 54

The left bump moved when Owl moved his left foot. Page 58



When Owl pulled back the covers all he could see were his own feet. Page 59

The right bump moved when Owl moved his right foot. Page 57



drawing conclusions pg 61
Drawing Conclusions – Pg. 61

Q: Why does Owl say he won’t sleep tonight?

A: Owl won’t sleep because the bumps are back and his is afraid of them.

comprehension questions
Comprehension Questions

1. What were the bumps that Owl saw?

2. Why do the bumps move?

3. What happens to the bumps when Owl pulls off his covers?

4. What is Owl afraid the bumps will do while he is asleep?

5. Where does Owl decide to sleep?

thinking connecting questions
Thinking & Connecting Questions
  • Why is this story called “Strange Bumps”?
  • What does this story have to do with the other stories in this unit?
  • What do you think of the way Owl behaves in this story? How would you feel?