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Chapter 18 PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 18. Bria Misher Jazmyne Carr Isis Martin. Quote. “I be glad when it’s over,” he said. “Old hog get him some rest then.”. Interpretation.

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Chapter 18

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Chapter 18


Jazmyne Carr

Isis Martin



“I be glad when it’s over,” he said. “Old hog get him some rest then.”



Jefferson feels that he has no self-worth, he has caved in to the white man’s opinion that he is sub-human, and instead of fighting this battle and die a man he is trying to elude it by accepting their belittlement


Compare Jefferson’s Behavior

While In Dayroom

While In Cell




The main idea of the chapter is change. The changes begin with personal conversations between the characters. The conversation between Grant and Jefferson, starts to break down the defense wall Jefferson has built around himself. He soon experienced an enlightenment that opened him up to talking about his unavoidable situation.



Moving from the darkness of the cell to the light of the dayroom caused Jefferson to be somewhat enlightened by his inevitable situation. This enlightenment caused him to want to talk about him transitioning from the natural world to the most internal world to meet his maker. He realizes that he can not keep silent about such a depressing issue. While he was in the cell he dealt with his internal issues through silence. Now he had to deal with the external of the electric chair.