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Beekeeping at Imperial PowerPoint Presentation
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Beekeeping at Imperial

Beekeeping at Imperial

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Beekeeping at Imperial

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  1. Beekeeping at Imperial

  2. Why should we keep bees at Imperial? Beekeeping would form a part of the wider sustainability campaign at Imperial, by increasing biodiversity. It would be a significant active contribution to an environmental problem, that is, the decline of the honey bee. Beekeeping would demonstrate Imperial’s ongoing active engagement with green initiatives. It would also confirm the college’s commitment to raising awareness of sustainability solutions in the wider community. Honeybees are the unsung heroes or heroines of our food industry. Much of the food we eat needs a honeybee to pollinate it. .

  3. Where can the Bees be kept? • Urban bees have a wide range of forage, as the gardens and green spaces in cities contain a rich variety of trees and flowers. • We have a number of areas at the South Kensington campus which could provide the perfect habitat for the bees. • The recommendation is that the hive be placed in The Secret Garden. • The hive would be secure as the garden is only open to College members via swipe access. And tucked inside is the wildlife garden, planted over the years by the Environmental Society, which would prove an ideal environment for the bees.

  4. Who will be responsible for keeping the Bees? • - The scheme will be funded by FM. • Initial set-up by the Gavin Jones team. • Handover period to Environmental Society members who will complete a Beekeeping course. • A new post of Beekeeper will be created within the Environmental Society committee, and they will be responsible for the overall management of the hive. • And then it is down to them to encourage engagement in the initiative within the student and staff body.

  5. What benefits could we see? • By keeping bees at Imperial we would be actively combating an environmental problem, and at the same time raising awareness of green issues. • We could potentially build green connections with local groups and schools, inviting them to experience beekeeping. • And there is also the small matter of the honey.