Review of imagenow at towson university
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Review of ImageNow at Towson University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Review of ImageNow at Towson University. USM Oracle/PeopleSoft Mid Atlantic Regional Conference June 2, 2009 Gettysburg College . Presented By. Jay Taffel Sr. Business Analyst – Office of Technology Services Document Imaging Lead Involved with ImageNow From the Beginning. Synopsis.

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Presentation Transcript
Review of imagenow at towson university l.jpg

Review of ImageNow at Towson University

USM Oracle/PeopleSoft Mid Atlantic Regional Conference

June 2, 2009

Gettysburg College

Presented by l.jpg
Presented By

  • Jay Taffel

  • Sr. Business Analyst – Office of Technology Services

  • Document Imaging Lead

  • Involved with ImageNow From the Beginning

Synopsis l.jpg

  • Overview of Document Imaging at TU

  • What Works for Us

  • More Importantly, What Didn’t Work

  • Upgrade Lessons Learned

  • What They Don’t Teach In Imaging School

Towson university l.jpg
Towson University

Towson, Maryland

Founded in 1866

21,111 Students

63 Undergraduate Majors

  • Bachelors, Masters &

    Doctoral Programs


Background l.jpg

  • Implemented February 2005

  • 75 Concurrent Client Licenses

  • 15 WebNow Licenses

  • 470 Active Users (200 with Graduate Admissions)

  • 12+ Departments / 15 Scanning Stations

    • More Broad Than Deep Deployment

    • 3 Departments are Paper-less, Others Archival

    • Every Transcript is Now Electronic – Scanned or PS

  • Used With PeopleSoft / FRS / MS Access / Manual Lookup

Towson imagenow profile l.jpg
Towson ImageNow Profile

Currently 6.2.1

Upgrade from version 5.42 to 6.1.5 Nov. 2008

Upgrade to 6.2.1 March 2009

Additional Agents / Services

WebNow, E-Mail, Fax, Import Agent

UNIX / Sun / Oracle

Scripts Purchased for Targeted Results

SQL Calls to PeopleSoft Tables for Auto Indexing

Mail Merge Client Printer for Form Letters


How many docs l.jpg
How Many Docs?

* Paper-less operation

As of 4/30/2009

Averages l.jpg

  • Average file size is 53,550 bytes / 52.3 KB

  • Current 6-Month Average Monthly Volume

    • 53,250 pages / 2.7 GB Storage

  • Current 5-Month Daily New Documents

Demand l.jpg

  • Unlimited

    • 4 Pages of Enhancements / Maintenance / Fixes

    • 9 Desired New Implementations or Major Expansions

    • 2 scanners still in boxes - have not had time to get to

  • Unrelenting – See the Daily Averages

  • Unmet

    • Need to balance with available resources and other projects / needs of the university

    • Production support

    • How strongly do the users demand

How we manage it l.jpg
How We Manage It

  • User Licenses Were Bought by TU

    • Executive Initiative Money

  • Scanning Station Costs Born by Departments

    • Scanners / CaptureNow / Kofax VRS

    • Any Special Scripting Services Needed

  • OTS Pays for Annual Maintenance and Storage

    • No Chargebacks to Departments

  • Mainly Use Client, But Have WebNow for Flexibility and Technical Reasons (aka Macs)

    • Need Both?

Skill sets needed l.jpg
Skill Sets Needed

  • Business & Process Analysis

    • More Than Speeding Up a Bad Process

    • ‘You can lose the image faster than the paper’

  • Minimal Server Management

    • Keep Everything in Sync / Log Files on Servers

  • Technical

    • Understand How Image Works Through Systems

    • Read / Interpret Server and Client ini and xml Files

    • Read / Write / Debug iScripts

  • Trainer – need to match to user population

Skill sets needed12 l.jpg
Skill Sets Needed

  • Imaging Specialist

    • Effects of Scanning Options

    • Kofax VRS Usage and Settings

  • Help Desk

    • “I can’t find my document”

    • Know the Difference Between C:\Program Files and C:\Users\<user name>\...

    • User / Group Security – “Why can’t I logon?”

  • Production Support

  • Thousands of Little Details

    • I used to say 5,000. Now up to 6,000 (maybe more)

Indexing l.jpg

The Chokepoint – Use Every Trick in the Book

  • Patchcodes

    • Placed between pages in feeder to separate batch into smaller units

    • Fin Aid – between contents of different envelopes to keep mail grouped properly

  • Barcodes

    • Add to forms: entire index or critical values

      • ID / Name / DocType / The more the merrier

    • Use iScript to finish index based on barcode

    • Keep it unique. We preface with “TU-”

Voucher barcoded cover page l.jpg
Voucher Barcoded Cover Page

Nightly report makes pages based on cleared vouchers. Matched to invoices and scanned. Capture profile processes barcodes. No need to manually index.

Admissions barcoded cover page l.jpg
Admissions Barcoded Cover Page

Step 1: Capture profile processes barcode and submits to workflow.

Step 2: Workflow iScript makes SQL call for name.

Worksheet used by UGRD Admissions has printed barcodes. Used as first page of admission folder.

Can match barcode processing with scripting. No need to manually index. Very powerful.

Indexing16 l.jpg

  • Keep Them Uniform

    • Index for Person’s Docs the Same in All Applets

Indexing17 l.jpg

  • Automate As Much As Possible

    • Bought a script to perform SQL call to PS tables. Modified many times to use in other queues.

    • Fill in EmplID or SSN and route to Auto Index

    • SQL to PS tables to get Name

  • Becomes keypunch instead of searching in PS

  • Warning! You will lose documents if wrong ID matches someone else’s name

Lessons learned l.jpg
Lessons Learned

  • Departments Have to Own It

    • They learned applets

    • They learned users and groups

    • They learned workflow administration

    • They even learned how to read scripts!

  • Retention Policies are Critical

    • If you add 3GB a month, you need to plan on how to get that space back or get more of it

    • Easier to get rid of old paper: it’s taking up space and you need cabinets for this year’s stuff

    • No one really wants to delete records

Lessons learned19 l.jpg
Lessons Learned

  • Fax Agent

    • Quickly becomes indispensable

    • FinAid has received 12,000 pages in 3 months!

      • Production support / uptime critical

    • Default is for Fax Agent to not keep tiff files after hand-off to main server. You might want to change that in case of database / network issues.

      • inserverFax.ini

        ;TRUE/FALSE, default TRUE


Upgrade lessons learned l.jpg
Upgrade Lessons Learned

  • From 6.1 to 6.2 is more than a ‘service pack’

    • No database & file structure conversion, but significant ‘under the hood’ changes need follow-up

    • The “What’s New...” documentation does not indicate the impact these changes bring

    • New licensing allows free test server

      • Set this up in target version before upgrade

      • See impact of new functionality

      • Get the imagenow.ini file just right before deployment

    • Our upgrade took 2 ½ days

Upgrade lessons learned21 l.jpg
Upgrade Lessons Learned

LearnMode 6.2

  • Very different interface and functionality

    • Tricky with variable PeopleSoft html

  • I’m not sure translation from pre-6.2 is sufficient

    • Having issues with column headings using aliases

    • Not really interested in remaking all 140+ templates

    • Cannot make new application and then rename to old for replacement – reported as QA issue

  • Pre-defined lists do not have default choice

  • Any hyper-learn needs to be redone

Upgrade lessons learned22 l.jpg
Upgrade Lessons Learned

Views – New in 6.2

  • Another quasi-security privilege

    • Controls what docs users can view

  • Controls searching in ImageNow

  • If use PS security to control access to images, need to exclude group/users from All Docs and make new limited view

    • Default allows searching, deny if use PS security

  • Cannot create and share filter for other user

    • No way to copy/paste or see SQL

Upgrade lessons learned23 l.jpg
Upgrade Lessons Learned

Workflow Privileges – change in 6.2

  • “Inbound” script has same privileges as user who sent item into queue!

    • If user cannot remove workflow item, script will not remove item

  • Need to add “Within Queue” script to perform DeleteWFItem or similar actions

    • This runs as workflow agent

    • Queue cannot be “Complete Queue”

      • Status set to “Complete” and no scripts will change item

Upgrade lessons learned24 l.jpg
Upgrade Lessons Learned

Copious Log Files – 6.2

  • Everywhere – on inserver and all workstations

    Send Once E-Mail Alarm

  • Still no built-in capability

    • Alarms periodically repeat based on rules, not event driven

  • Use script SendMail function to notify receipt of new item in queue

Upgrade lessons learned25 l.jpg
Upgrade Lessons Learned

Capture Now Profile Management – 6.x

  • Each Windows user has their own profile: imagenow.ini & inscan.xml files (default)

  • One profile for all users

    • In C:\Program Files\ImageNow 6\inowsystem.ini


      WorkPath="C:\Doc...ngs\All Users\Application Data\ImageNow"

      ;for each user to have unique

      ;WorkPath="C:\Doc...ngs\%Username%\Application Data\ImageNow"

  • Capture Profiles can be stored on inserver

    • See ImageNow documentation for Capture Profiles

Contact l.jpg

  • Jay Taffel

  • Sr. Business Analyst

  • Office of Technology Services

  • Towson University

  • E-mail: