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Kahli Island

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Kahli Island. Mikabi Prison. Kahli Island Introduction. The name Kahli was chosen because it sounds peaceful and pretty – like the island. It is also one of our cats’ nicknames Kahli Island is a quiet, serene place where relaxing can happen It is as close to paradise as a place can get

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kahli island
Kahli Island

Mikabi Prison

kahli island introduction
Kahli Island Introduction
  • The name Kahli was chosen because it sounds peaceful and pretty – like the island. It is also one of our cats’ nicknames
  • KahliIsland is a quiet, serene place where relaxing can happen
  • It is as close to paradise as a place can get
  • It is located in the pacificocean just above the Cook Islands and near Kiribati
  • It is the same size as the state of Texas
  • Kahli Island’s culture has aCook Islands flavour and weddings aredone in the same way as in the Pacific Islands
  • Dancing and singing area big part of Kahli Island celebration and culture
geographical information
Geographical information
  • KahliIsland has an area of 696,241 km2
  • It has its own weather system and in parts of the island it can be warm and others cold enough for snow. It is hot all year round on the island apart from the Cocoa mountain range where it is cold and snowy all year.
  • It has a forest called Zambizi Park which hosts the National Wildlife Park called Leon Wildlife Park. In the middle of Zambizi park there is the Cocoa mountain range that has great slopes for skiing
  • Kahli has two huge beaches that the population of the island flock to
  • Surfer’s cove, the west beach, is best for surfing whereas, the north eastern beach is great for families as it is safe from rips. Both beaches have crystal clear waters which are as warm as a bath and light silky sand.
  • Kahli Island is very self sustainable and has oil reserves, mineral springs, plentiful farmland, forestland, a large lake, and ski slopes
  • There is an Indian Reservation at the southern end of the Island
  • Kahli generates its own energy. Marie lake has a hydro dam to make energy, the northern tip of the island is rich with oil, and the southern end has heaps of windmills to make the most of the wind
  • KahliIsland also has a small island off the southern coast ,gifted to them by Australia, which is used as a prison called Mikabi Prison
kahli island location names
Kahli Island Location Names

In total Kahli Island has 14 locations where people live.


  • Leppykin
  • Britina
  • Bindi Reservation
  • Mahka (a small town located at the southern end of Zamibizi Park)


  • Ashancy
  • Noodlebug
  • Stephie
  • Emimay
  • Ellen-P
  • Wimo
  • Alijoy
  • Lydaru
cities towns and a reservation
Cities, Towns, and a reservation
  • Ellen-P is the capital of Kahli and is situated near the middle of the island, next to Zambizi Park
  • Ashancy is at the northern west of the island and is the business capital of the country
  • Emimay is the tourist capital of Kahli because of its location Williams Bay, the most peaceful beach on Kahli
  • Lydaru, because of its close location to Surfer’s cove, is mainly inhabited by keen surfers.
  • Bindi Res. is the Indian Reservation on the island and spans across the plentiful farmland on Kahli
  • Mahka is a little town in the southern end of Zambizi Park and is home to a number of dedicated skiers
  • The other towns and cities are home to quiet, peaceful locals who enjoy all of life on Kahli Island
population information
Population information
  • Kahli Island has a population of 997,320 people
  • It has 14 cities and towns including an Indian Reservation at the south end of the island.
  • The capital of Kahli Island is Ellen-P. The city has a population of 180 thousand
  • The Indian Reservation has a population of 5 thousand people
  • The second largest city is Ashancy whose general population is 120 thousand
  • Emimay is the third largest city and has a populace of 95 thousand
  • Lydaru, Shama, and Kuba are the other cities on the island and they all have a population of 85,000
  • Wimo, Stephie, and Alijoy are cities who have populations of 82,000
  • Leppykin has a populace of 55 thousand
  • Britina has a population of 40 thousand people
  • Mahka’s population is 1,320 and is the smallest populace on the island.
aesthetics on kahli
Aesthetics on Kahli
  • In order to keep up the serenity on Kahli Island, Kahli has mirrored Kansai Airport, creating an airport on the ocean. The airport is accessed by a bridge at the north westerly tip of Ashancy. The airport also has a ferry terminal, and a hotel with shops and restaurants
  • Each town or city has a college, school, and hospital near them. Most places also have a mineral spring by them as well
  • The Reservation has all the necessary aesthetics in their boundaries and they also have windmills to supply the island with energy
life on kahli island
Life on Kahli Island
  • The people on Kahli are happy, relaxed and friendly
  • They work hard and are persistent
  • With the warm water, good surfing, and great ski slopes on the island Kahlians can take part in and practice swimming, surfing, and skiing all year round
  • On Kahli Island everything happens when it happens and like the Cook Islands no one wears a watch
general facts about kahli
General Facts about Kahli
  • Kahli has a range of exotic wildlife and animals include cotton top tamarins, lemurs, and Red Panda.
  • There is a law on Kahli Island that bans all monkeys except for the Cappuchin monkey from existing on the island. This law is in place because there are fears that if other monkeys are introduced on the island, the near perfect living conditions could cause over population of the monkey species. Then the food sources will dwindle and the Capuchin monkey will starve.
  • Deforestation on Kahli Island is strictly prohibited and you can be sent to Mikabi prison for it
  • Kahli Island is very strict on lawbreakers and the sentences that are given are final with no parole. However, for a 1st offense (other than murder) the court generally gives you a lighter sentence. There are no second chances.
  • Murderers are strictly punished and spend their sentence in a high security area of Mikabi prison
  • Because of the no parole system, court cases are very thorough and mistakes are seldom made. The accused are kept in a special housing facility until their case is finished.