Avian Flu and You
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Avian Flu and You. Role of Media Flu Hotline - symptoms of Avian Flu, information about who is in charge and what they are in charge of, steps to take to prevent infection and the spread of influenza, steps to take if believed to have symptoms, and locations of general supplies.

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Avian Flu and You

  • Role of Media

  • Flu Hotline - symptoms of Avian Flu, information about who is in charge and what they are in charge of, steps to take to prevent infection and the spread of influenza, steps to take if believed to have symptoms, and locations of general supplies.

  • TV - will be hourly updates regarding outbreaks, and the number of recent reports however no information regarding the number of deaths will be publicly announced. The Flu Hotline number will be scrolling across the bottom of the television set at all times. WRSTChannel 10

  • Radio - will provide local information about who is in charge and what they are in charge of, the number of recent reports however no information regarding the number of deaths will be publicly announced, and how to contact local Flu Hotline. WRST 90.3 FM, WOSH 1490 AM

  • Newspapers – background information about Avian Flu, the details of the Pandemic Flu Plan.

    • The Northwestern

  • Pre-Pandemic Planning

  • Individuals will need to prepare for the survival of one-self or the survival of the family.

  • * Each family will vary in the supply and preparedness, but having more is better. These numbers are based on ONE ill individual.

  • Flu Care Kit

  • Antiseptic wipes (2 boxes of 24 count)

  • Cough drops (3 dozen)

  • Throat lozenges (2 dozen)

  • Thermometer (2 – one for backup)

  • Over-the-counter flu medicine, both Adult and Child (i.e. Triaminic Severe Cold and Fever Liquid,

  • Infant Tylenol Cold and Cough…) (2 bottles of preferred medicine)

  • Pain reliever [i.e. Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil)] (200 count bottle)

  • Nasal spray (2 bottles)

  • Instant cold compresses – To help with fever (3 reusable)

  • Antiviral Facial Tissue (8 large boxes)

  • Protective non-latex gloves (Nitrile) – (Box of 100)

  • Food

  • *Food stockpiles will vary between families, but the stockpile should last the family for 5-8 weeks maybe longer.

  • Easily prepared foods which require adding water and boiling (packaged pasta, ramen, rice dishes, etc)

  • Canned goods (fruits, vegetables, fish, raviolis, soups, stews, etc)

  • Packaged snacks (crackers, granola bars, chips, cookies, fruit snacks, etc)

  • Dried food (powder milk, dried fruits, dried herbs and spices, etc)

  • Bulk food (salt, sugar, flour, rice, beans, cooking oil, etc)

  • Baby food (easily digestible food incase of illness)

  • Fluid

  • Drinking water - Every family should have one gallon of drinking water per person per day.

  • Daily water – Families should have stock piles of water for cooking and minor daily usage.

  • Families should prepare water collection equipment for rain water and be knowledgeable in water treatment to treat the rain water or other sources of water.

  • Water filtration or purification systems

  • Juice – Another hydrator and good source of nutrients

  • Miscellaneous Items

  • Tamiflu - Currently Tamiflu is the most effective drug against the Avian Flu, but it is in short supply and needs to be prescribed by a doctor.

  • Prescription medicines - Discuss with your doctor and make preparations for future emergencies.

  • Flu medications and pain relievers are included in the Flu Care Kit.

  • Multivitamins

  • Calcium supplements

  • Bandages and band-aids, scissors, cotton balls, q-tips, Triple Antibiotic ointment, and other first aid materials.

  • CPR face shields with one way airflow

  • Contamination collection bags – large plastic bags with zip lock or slider seal (quart and gallon size)

  • Paper products - toilet paper, paper towel, napkins, and antiviral facial tissue

  • Plastic utensils

  • Baby products – baby wipes, diapers, etc

  • Toiletries – soap, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste, etc

  • Gasoline – a few gallons of gasoline should be stored away to give the option of vehicle transportation or communication

  • Bleach and other disinfectants (Lysol, Oust, etc)

  • Duct tape and plastic sheeting - good for creating a sterile environment by sealing doors and windows

  • Lighters, matches, candles – good for lighting

  • Flashlight and batteries – multiple sizes for various items (flashlights, clocks, radios, portable entertainment devices, etc)

  • Wood and lighter fluid – a great source for heating and cooking when electricity and gas are not available

  • Shovels and hoes - Useful for creating camping toilets in the yard when the sewage system is unavailable

  • Money – Money should be set aside incase banks are not open and ATMs are not functional

  • Forms of entertainment - books and other reading materials, crossword puzzles, board games, cards, etc.

  • Masks

  • Nano Masks

  • Protects against viruses smaller than 0.3 microns. (the N95 by 3M only protects against organisms larger than 0.3 microns.) The Avian Flu virus is smaller than 0.3 microns, so the N95 is not effective enough to protect individuals from the virus.

  • The masks have chemical agents which help destroy the pathogenic organism.

  • The NanoMask has a shelf life of two years. The filter should be changed after a 48 hour period. The mask can be sterilized by soaking in a diluted bleach solution. Always wash hands after changing a filter.

  • The cost is $10.99 per mask, and $10.99 for a package of ten filters. They can be purchased many places online at the following websites:

    • http://2hdistributors.com/ , http://birdfluprotection.com/ , http://buynanomask.com/

  • *Information provided by http://www.common-cold-cure-influenza-flu-vaccine.com/nano-mask.html, htp://buynanomask.com/faq.php, and Http://www.flepharmacy.com/nanomask/html.

  • Bird Catchers - Stacey Holl*, Vai Lor,

    Tamera Regenold, Kelli Schlaak, and Scott Vanderwielen

    Spring 2006 Virology


    Wisconsin Board of Health

    The Wisconsin Board of Health will keep in contact with the counties’ Boards of Health, and notify each county of any pandemic that has or might occur. The State Board of Health will also make announcements on TV and radio stations to start an early chain of warning events.

    Winnebago Board of Health

    The Winnebago County Board of Health will keep in contact with the State Board of Health and warn the cities’ boards of health of any pandemic or future possible occurrences. The Winnebago County Board of Health will also make announcements on TV and radio stations to enforce the warnings.

    Oshkosh Board of Health

    Oshkosh Board of Health will keep in contact with the Winnebago County Board of Health for news of any pandemic or possible future outbreaks. In anticipation of a pandemic, the Oshkosh Board will contact the City District Voting Council to pass on news about the pandemic and make local announcements to the public.

    City District Voting Council

    The City District Voting Council consists of one chosen representative from each voting district of Oshkosh by District Block Managers. The council will meet during a reported pandemic and relay messages between the Oshkosh Board of Health, to request for supply of help, and the District Block Managers.

    District Block Managers

    A District Block Manager is a person chosen by a few neighborhoods, much like the Senate and House of Representative. In a pandemic the District Block Manager will tour their designated area for signs of the flu. If a family is infected, they are to contact their District Block Manager so the manager can report the incident to the council for help and immediate quarantine.

    *If everybody complies and co-operates with management levels, there will be quick and efficient emergency response.





    In the event of an avian flu pandemic, all the roads entering the city of Oshkosh will be closed and monitored with surveillance 24/7. The military will be in charge of the main roads and highways entering into the city. All the minor roads will be closed and monitored by the local police forces at all times. No one will leave or enter the city unless they have a permit issued by the mayor with the approval of the city board of health.

    At each check point into the city, there will be a physician who will inspect the health of the person entering or leaving the city. They will look for the following symptoms: sneezing, coughing, and fever. If they have any of these symptoms they will not be allowed to enter or leave the city, regardless of whether the symptoms are as a result of the avian flu.

    Everyone is to remain at their residence to prevent the spread of the Avian Flu. If a person is infected, they will remain in their home, and a sign will be posted on their door stating that influenza is present.

    Students from UW-Oshkosh who have a permanent residence in Oshkosh will be asked to go home. Those whose permanent residence is elsewhere will be quarantined in their dormitories.

    If possible, any elderly who can live with a close surviving relative will be asked to do so. If the elderly have no relatives, they will stay in the nursing home. Any elderly living alone will be requested to live with a relative or be taken to a nursing home. The elderly will have the rights to refuse any help offered, but they will have to comply with any quarantine regulations in effect.

    During a flu pandemic, curfews will be established to protect the community. The city curfew will start at 5 PM and all citizens will be expected to be indoors by 6 PM. Anybody found breaking the curfew will be escorted to their home.

    Crime Prevention:

    Firefighters and policemen will be on constant patrol throughout the city. Anybody caught looting, breaking and entering, starting fights, or any kind of civil disturbance will be arrested.





    Aurora Medical Center-Address: 855 N. Westhaven Drive

    -Telephone: 920-456-6000

    Mercy Medical Center

    -Address: 500 S Oakwood Road

    -Telephone: 920-223-0199

    Oshkosh Medical & Rehabilitation Center

    -Address: 1850 Bowen Street

    -Telephone: 920-233-4011

    Isoloation Hospitals

    • The UWO field house will be used to supplement for the influx if sick patients once the hospitals are full. The field house will receive as many vaccine shots and flu medications as the hospitals can spare during the pandemic.

    • The Park Plaza Hotel will be used as another supplementary hospital for those who are ill.

    • The whole complex of Oshkosh North High and West High will also be used as a supplementary hospital if the UWO field house and Park Plaza Hotel begin to fill.

    • Due to the shortage of medical supplies there will not be much for the isolation wards in terms of life support. Nurses will be needed to work the isolation wards which will put a strain on the supply of nurses. Volunteers with some degree of medical knowledge will also be asked to volunteer if provided safety measures.

      Life support

      Life support will be given to all who have the greatest chance of survival, as determined by a physician. The attending physician will also make decisions on the continuation of medical treatment to a severely ill patient, including the choice to take the patient off or life support. These cases will only be in those which survival is very unlikely.

    City Issues

    City Preparations

    The City of Oshkosh will not provide any infection-control supplies to the citizens unless they are essential employees with a proper identification card.

    The City of Oshkosh will properly dispose of any material that could be or is infected with the disease.

    All city employees in the following departments are required to report to work as normal, unless otherwise stated, to insure that the city functions properly: Street Sanitation, Water/Sewer, Electricity, Snow Removal, Firefighters, and Police Officers.


    • Supply Transportation

    • Truck Drivers

    • Gas Truck Drivers

    • Food Truck Drivers

    • Armored Truck Drivers – Transport essential medications, with two armed military personnel on board.

    • Authority:

    • Police Force – at loading and unloading stations to help guard and supervise the process, as well as protect gas stations, grocery

      • stores, pharmacies, and hospitals from raids and upsurges of the public

    • Military– help guard the medical supply trucks, as well as aid the police in keeping guard as they are available

    • Critical Medical Supplies

    • Needles and syringes, biohazard bags, rubbing alcohol and cotton balls, band aids

    • Flu vaccine – If a vaccine becomes available

    • Flu medication –medications are needed to supplement for the flu shot for those who are unable to receive it (if available) or those you are already ill

    • Pain Reliever – pain reliever like Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Advil) are needed to ease the suffering of the ill, or those who are injured that are unable to receive normal medical attention due to the new pandemic hospital procedures

    • Over the Counter Cold and Flu Medicines – Adult and Child (i.e. Triaminic Severe Cold and Fever Liquid, Advil Cold and Flu, Infant Tylenol Cold and Cough)

    • Disinfectant – disinfectants are needed clean infected areas.

    • Masks – masks will be needed to stop the spread of the flu

    • Chronic Illness Medicines – Heart medication, insulin for diabetics, hypertension medications, etc

      • *This list contains critical medical supplies for hospital use.


    • Business

    • In the event of a pandemic, all public gathering will be prohibited. Schools, parks, theaters, bars, public libraries and non-essential stores (Family Video, Radioshack, Best Buy, etc…) will be closed. The few selected grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies will be restricted to the curfew of 5 pm.. Open businesses include:

    • Available Auto Services:

      • Kwik Trip on 2222 Jackson St

      • Mobile Mart on 2020 S Koeller St

      • Shell on 2250 Westowne Ave

      • J&R Auto Services on 629 North Main St

  • *Gasoline will be restricted to those necessary vehicles.

  • Open stores:

    • Pick ‘N Save (North) on 1900 Jackson St.

    • Festival Foods on 2415 Westowne Ave

    • Walgreens on 1880 Jackson St.

    • Walgreens on 855 N. Westhaven Dr.

    • WalMart on 351 S. Washburn St. (also serves as pharmacy)

    • U.S. Bank on 1620 W. 20th Ave

    • Chase Bank on 300 N. Main St.

  • *Pharmacies will be guarded 24/7 until the crisis is over.

  • Vaccine

    *If a vaccine becomes available, all vaccinations will be given to the qualified person only,

    excluding any other family members who are not qualified.

    The following listing states the most qualified to least qualified.

    Government (Mayor, Chief of Police, Chief of the Fire Department, and Chiefs of the Hospitals)

    Doctors, Physicians, Nurses

    Authoritarian Forces (Police, Fire Fighter, and Special Forces)

    Emergency workers (Sanitation Division, Utilities Division – Sewer and Water, Electrical Division)

    Adolescences - Adults in mid 40s


    Later Adults to Seniors


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