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*. *. *. 2013-2014. KEHA Mission. Improving the quality of life for families and communities through leadership development, volunteer service, and education. 2013-2014 Theme. Stitched Together for Success Describes connections across the organization Conveys message of accomplishment

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KEHA Mission

Improving the quality of life for families and communities through leadership development, volunteer service, and education.

2013 2014 theme
2013-2014 Theme

Stitched Together for Success

  • Describes connections across the organization
  • Conveys message of accomplishment
  • Potential uses:

County and area annual meeting theme

Training and programmatic theme

Promotional and membership activities


2013-2014 Focus


First year emphasis from KEHA President Susan Hansford

Goal: KEHA members will consider the history of the organization and how it impacts our future.

Potential activities:

Develop or update club history and county organization history

Create a historical timeline for your club and county

Recognize outstanding members from the past

Recognize outstanding FCS Extension agents


Membership Contest

Let’s Boost Our EGO!

Challenge: Everyone Get One – each member is challenged to recruit a new member.

Goal: Increase membership with the potential to double our numbers.

Contest: County with greatest percentage increase will receive $100 and Ms. E. Go ‘traveling trophy’.


2014 State Meeting

Share Your Knowledge

Teach: Submit a proposal to present a learning session

Showcase: Share your work through a Homemaker Showcase display

Take part: Register, attend and actively participate!

Recruit: Bring a friend or recruit a speaker


Clubs and Counties

Implement a program of work for your club and county

Include goals, lessons and projects from the eight state educational chairmen’s programs of work

Connect club and county programs with the county FCS Extension plan of work

Address needs of families in your communities, in the state and around the globe


Clubs and Counties

Empower community leaders

Provide leadership training opportunities for members

Take an active role in the community

Support Extension programs through volunteer service

Inform local decision makers of the impacts and public value of KEHA and Cooperative Extension


Dates to Remember

July – KEHA program year begins

July 1: Club program of work reports due to county

July 1: VSU logs due to the county leadership chairman

July 15 – 18: National Volunteer Outreach Network Annual Conference hosted by KEHA in Frankfort, Ky

July 24-26: National Master Farm Homemakers Guild Meeting hosted by Kentucky Guild in Lexington, Ky


Dates to Remember

August – Suggested time for leadership training

August 15: County program of work reports due to the area educational chairmen

August 15: County VSU reports due to the area leadership chairman

September – Membership drive emphasized

September 15: Area program of work reports due to area educational chairmen

September 15: Area VSU reports due to state leadership chairman


Dates to Remember

October – Begin program planning for 2014-2015

October 12-18: KEHA Week

October 15: Deadline for submitting session proposals for the 2014 KEHA State Meeting

November – Fall KEHA Board Meeting


Dates to Remember

December –

December 1: Membership dues due to county treasurer

December 15: County dues due to area and state treasurer

December 31: County membership report due to area

December 31: County dues delinquent if not received by this date


Dates to Remember

January – County/area program planning for 2014-2015

January 15: Membership database updates due via the online system

February – International Month

February 1: Membership recognition reports due to KEHA 2nd Vice President


Dates to Remember

March – Promote KEHA State Meeting and State Board Position Openings

March 1: Due date for:

KEHA Contest Entries

Scholarship and Mini-Grant Applications

KEHA Development Grant Applications

Area Showcase Forms for 2014 KEHA State Meeting


Dates to Remember

April – Registration deadlines for KEHA State Meeting

April 12: Due date for credentials for:

1st Vice President


Educational Chairmen:

Environment, Housing and Energy

Food, Nutrition and Health

Leadership Development


Dates to Remember

May – Attend KEHA State Meeting

May 12-15:

KEHA State Meeting

Holiday Inn &

Sloan Convention Center

Bowling Green, Kentucky

June –

June 30: KEHA program year ends