occupational health n.
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Occupational Health

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Occupational Health. Definition.

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  • Occupational health is the branch of medical and engineering sciences which adverse environmental factors and stresses arising at the work place and their effects on the health of workers aiming to protect them from these hazards. This results in promotion of physical, mental and social health of exposed workers. This leads to prolongation of life and increasing of efficiency.
objectives of occupational health
Objectives of Occupational Health
  • The objectives can be divided into two sections
  • A.- Protective Objectives
  • Prevention or reduction of occupational diseases.
  • Prevention or reduction of accidents.
  • Prevention of fatigue and malformations through adequate performance of work.
B.- Constructive Objectives
  • Recognition of a work related disorder & occupational hazards along with follow up counseling can help to prevent diseases among the coworkers.
  • Promoting the health of workers physically, mentally and socially to the highest possible standard.
occupational health te am
Occupational Health Team
  • The team will include medical doctors, nurses, engineers, chemists, social workers, nutritionists and statisticians.
  • Specialized occupational doctors, hygienist , nurses, safety officer, epidemiologist & ergonomics‘.
essential elements of the occupational hx questionnaire
Essential Elements of the Occupational Hx & Questionnaire
  • Job title, type of industry .
  • Year work started and year work finished
  • Description of the job
  • Current work hours and shift changes
Current exposures to dust fumes, radiation, chemicals, biological hazards or physical hazards
  • Other employee who have similar problems in the same working place
major types of exposure associated with clinical illnesses
Major types of exposure associated with clinical illnesses
  • Gases
  • Corrosive substances
  • Dyes and stains
  • Dusts and powder
  • Asbestos and other fibers
Insecticides, herbicides, rodentcides i.e pesticides
  • Metals and metals fumes
  • Organic dusts cotton, wood
  • petrochemicals
  • Radiation and other physical factors
types of exposures in occupational health
Types of Exposures in Occupational Health


  • Mechanical exposure e.g.: friction, callosities …etc.
  • Physical exposure e.g.: heat, noise, pressure, light, electricity, radiation …etc.
  • Chemical exposure e.g.: solids, dust, liquids, gases …etc.
  • Biological exposure e.g.: bacteria, virus, parasites, …etc.
  • Socioeconomic status e.g.: wages, shift, working hours, human relations, housing, transportation, …etc.