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Pearl Harbor. Brandi Neale June 12 th 2007. Table of content. Table Of Contents. Events Leading Up to the Attack. The Battle Ships. Important Facts. The After Effects. Personal Stories. Aircraft Carriers. Pearl Harbor. Events leading up to the Attack.

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Pearl harbor

Pearl Harbor

Brandi Neale

June 12th 2007

Table of


Table of contents
Table Of Contents

Events Leading

Up to the Attack

The Battle


Important Facts

The After


Personal Stories

Aircraft Carriers

Pearl Harbor

Events leading up to the attack
Events leading up to the Attack

  • Japan starts to take over

  • ______ for their oil resources

  • The United states puts an

  • Embargo on the shipment

  • Of ____ to Japan.

  • Without oil Japans Industrial

  • And ______ forces would come

  • to a halt.

  • The Japanese viewed this

  • Embargo as an act of ____!

  • Throughout the next few

  • Months of _____ the two

  • Countries try to resolve their

  • Issues.

  • Why could they not resolve

  • Their Issues?

  • What was each country not

  • Willing to do?

  • Fill in the blanks by reviewing the website

  • Remembering Pearl Harbor.

  • Click on the picture below to go to the website




Important facts
Important Facts

  • The Attack on Pearl Harbor Happened

  • December 7th, _____.

  • The attack was planned and executed

  • By the _________ as a surprise.

  • The first wave of the attack started

  • just before ____. They attacked both

  • the harbor and the _________ at

  • the same time.

  • Over ______ Americans were killed and 1,178 were wounded.

  • 1,177 of the 2,400 killed were members of the USS Arizona.

  • In total the Japanese were able to destroy 188 planes. They were

  • also able to damage or destroy __ battle ships.

  • Even though the Pacific Fleet was caught off guard the ____________, submarines and _____ supplies were undamaged.

Battle Ships


The battle ships
The Battle Ships

Battle Ships at

Pearl Harbor

USS Nevada

USS Oklahoma

USS Pennsylvania

USS Arizona

USS Tennessee

USS California

USS Maryland

USS West Virginia

Click on the battle ships on the left to find

Out how they were damaged in the attack on

Pearl Harbor. Also look to see if they were

Repaired and sent into the war.




USS Arizona Memorial

Aircraft carriers
Aircraft Carriers

Find out where each

Aircraft carrier was when

Pearl Harbor was attacked.

What did these 3 aircraft

Carriers do after Pearl


Do this by clicking on each

Of the pictures below.

  • The Three US Aircraft Carriers In 1941

  • * USS Enterprise * USS Lexington

  • * USS Saratoga

The After



USS Lexington

USS Saratoga

USS Enterprise

The after effect
The After effect

  • December ___, 1941, United States congress approves entry into war.

  • What 2 countries declare war on the United states?

  • Why was Japan Considered less of a threat then Nazi Germany?

  • When did Germany declare war on the United States?

Click on the pictures to search for the answers



  • On August 6th 1945, the United States dropped and atomic

  • bomb over what Japanese city?

  • When and where is the second atomic bomb dropped

  • And why was it dropped?

  • When did the Japanese Surrender and what was the one term

  • They asked for?


Personal stories
Personal Stories

Double Click Here

Survivors stories

Interactive website

Events leading

Up to the



National Geographic