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Granville Exempted Village Schools Fall 2013-2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Granville Exempted Village Schools Fall 2013-2014

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Granville Exempted Village Schools Fall 2013-2014
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Granville Exempted Village Schools Fall 2013-2014

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  1. Granville Exempted VillageSchoolsFall2013-2014 AthleticAll-Sports Meeting Kevin Jarrett Athletic Director Laura Whittington Secretary

  2. Athletic Office/Communication • Kevin Jarrett – District Athletic Director • Dustin Grime – Middle School / Assistant Athletic Director • Laura Whittington – Athletic Office Secretary Granville Athletic Website Granville Middle School Website *Be sure to sign up for our daily announcements!

  3. Welcome to GMS Athletics

  4. 2013-2014 Fall High School Head Coaches Cheerleading – MELISSA ADAMS Cross country– CHRISI ROGERSON 8TH Football – ERIC STEELE 7THFootball – TREVOR WOLFE 7TH VOLLEYBALL– BETH ALESHIRE 8TH VOLLEYBALL– MALLORY MCNIGHT Boys’ Golf– PAUL DRAKE

  5. OHSAA / Conference Affiliations • Central District of OHSAA. • LCL (Licking County League) • Watkins Memorial, Utica, Heath, Lakewood, Licking Valley, Licking Heights, Johnstown, Northridge, and Newark Catholic.

  6. Attendance Policy • A student must be present a full school day if they are to participate in a contest/performance on that school day. However, students are allowed two tardies (arrive to school prior to 8:11 a.m.) per semester. After the two tardies they must be present the full day if they are to participate in a contest/performance on that day. Special exceptions such as medical or dental appointments can be approved by the principal 24 hours prior to the appointment. A student must be in attendance for four full periods before he/she is permitted to participate in practice/rehearsal for that day. Attendance at practices and contests is still required.

  7. Schedule Conflicts • When a student’s dual participation in extracurricular activities results in a conflict, the following policy will apply. A “performance,” athletic contest,, or musical concert will have priority over normal practices, meetings, and rehearsals. In the event a practice, meeting, or rehearsal is scheduled at the same time as an athletic contest in which the student participates, the athletic contest has priority and the student is to be excused without penalty from the activity. Conversely, in the event a music or other activity performance conflicts with an athletic practice, the performance take priority and the athlete is excused from the athletic practice without penalty.

  8. Club vs. School Sport • It is vital that coaches, parents, and athletes understand the commitment they make when joining a team and how difficult it is to honor those commitments when participating in more than one sport during a season. We expect the school sport to take precedent over a club sport in the event of a conflict. • Please communicate with the coach if your child is going to be involved in a club sport during their season so that you can work out ahead of time potential conflicts.

  9. Non-Interscholastic Athletics • A member of an interscholastic team / squad sponsored by the Board of Education shall not participate in a non-interscholastic program (tryouts, practice, or contest) as an individual or a member of a team in the sport during the school’s athletic season.

  10. Granville Athletic TrainingBrei Miller–The Ohio State UniversityTeam Physician: Dr. Tim MillerOSU Sports Medicine • Phone: Athletic Training • Office – 740-587-8105 xt:5066 • Trainer’s Cell – 330-507-7513 • Email –

  11. Sports Medicine Team Policies • Injury Reporting • Athlete must report to coach first then see athletic trainer • All injured athletes are expected to attend practices or games • Medical Referral for Injuries • Documentation for RTP must be provided regarding injury, treatment, and participation status

  12. Sports Medicine Team Policies • Adolescent Athlete Protective Care Policy • Athletes returning to play must complete sports-specific RTP • Athletes must complete a full practice prior to game competition • If clinical evidence is present, sports medicine team can remove an athlete from activity if he/she is at risk of greater injury

  13. MRSA • PREVENTION!!! • Wash hands • Shower regularly • Wash practice/game clothing when dirty • Follow good hygiene practices • If suspected, find ATC or make appointment with physician • Beginning stages look like acne (swollen, red, painful, pus filled)

  14. ImPACT Test Concussion management software A tool to aid in RTP decisions All athletes in contact/collision sports will take a baseline test If concussion is sustained, a follow up test is taken for comparison Test consists of small units designed to test reaction speed, memory, attention span and non-verbal problem solving among others

  15. Paperwork • Physical exams and Emergency Medical forms: • Must be completedprior to any participation • Expire at end of current school year

  16. OHSAA / NFHSConcussion Information Website: OHSAA Video

  17. Athletic Department Philosophy • Athletes are at a prime age to learn: • Good sportsmanship • True meaning of competition • Develop personal qualities to become successful citizens • Athletic Program Goal: Develop Total Individual • Emotional • Social • Intellectual • Physical

  18. State and School Eligibility Standards • OHSAA 2013-2014 Athletic Eligibility Bulletin • Available on-line at *Drop down under eligibility *Click on eligibility guide • Read and become familiar with it • School eligibility outlined in Student Athletic Handbook

  19. Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention We all must work together Parents must be partners to prevent use Show by parent networks and promoting alcohol free and other drug free events State your position openly and clearly and enforce rules Verify child's whereabouts Set appropriate examples

  20. Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Over the years there have been rumors and instances of parents providing alcohol at parties in their homes. This is ILLEGALand a violation of the Athletic Policy and will be dealt with accordingly. Parents who host, lose the most

  21. Insurance You must have insurance to participate in athletics. If you need insurance see kevinjarrett or your coach for forms to purchase insurance. It can purchased for the season or for the full school year.

  22. Booster Club • Fred Wolf – President • Invitation to join - Family Membership $25 *Business Membership $50 • We need your involvement and help!!!! • We are asking everyone to sign up to work at least one event. You don’t have to work the event your son/daughter is playing. • Meetings held in the IT Room at the hs on the Second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm

  23. Granville Athletic Booster ClubFundraiser Contact Booster President Fred Wolf 740-403-3442

  24. Discount Card Information Each Athlete will receive 5 cards to sell at $10.00 each. If you would rather make a $50.00 donation instead of selling the cards, the Booster’s will accept that also. Books will be handed out at pictures Thursday and money needs to be turned in no later than August 30th to the Athletic Office.

  25. QUESTIONS? Thank you for your attendance and attention. Please call the High School Athletic Office at 587-8157 or Mr. Grime at 587-8104 with questions.