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Authentic Global HR Executives Lists PowerPoint Presentation
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Authentic Global HR Executives Lists

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Authentic Global HR Executives Lists - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Authentic Global Human Resource Executives' Lists: Most precise & targeted postal, telemarketing and email /nmarketing lists in the market. Get contact details to reach HR Directors/Managers, Personnel Managers/Directors and VPs of HR, Recruiters, Senior Recruiters & Hiring Decision Makers, Executive Search Firms & Head Hunters, Recruiting Firms , etc. Targeted HR Executives Lists are also segmented according to various industries, specializations, demographics and locations..

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masters in procuring top level hr professionals entropy

Who are we?

Masters in Procuring Top Level HR Professionals' Entropy

We are Human Resource Data specialists.

Our database consists more than 40 million contact records of HR professionals across the globe.

Any data acquired, changes roughly around 4% on a monthly basis. So, we update and refresh our database every month.

This ensures the high quality and accuracy of our Human Resource lists.


How do we acquire our data?

HR Data Building through Reliable Online & Offline Sources

Our lists are complied through trustworthy data sources such as:

* Magazines and other subscriptions

* Trade shows & Conferences

* Seminars

* Webinars

* Exhibitions

* Data partners, etc

Our lists are affirmed through a double verificationprocess using telephone and email.


What can you do with our lists?

Lists for Direct Mailing, Email Marketing & Telemarketing

With our lists, you can:

* Procure highly responsive business leads

* Reach thousands of top human resource executives worldwide

* Boost your marketing with multi-channel initiatives

* Start promotions instantly! * Execute targeted, personalized and multi-channel campaigns easily


What information is available in our lists?

Information of HR Individuals across all Business Sectors

Get information on most competent HR individuals with purchasing and decision making authority. The executives listed also include leaders in human resources, talent management, recruitment, compliance, training, and retention.

Our lists include:

First & last names, Title, Company Name, Email id, Phone no, Fax no, Website, Zip Code, No of Employees, Revenue Size, Industry & SIC Code, Country, etc.


How are our lists segmented?

Classification of Human ResourceExecutives List

Our lists are classified based on most popular demands of our clients. Many of the list users use industry-wise segmented lists or state-wise segmented lists.

Our industry-wise segmented HR executives list

includes the following industries:

Information Technology, IT Consulting/Services, Manufacturing, Banking, Finance, Accounting, Health Care, Marketing, Advertising, Education, etc


Which are your state-wise HR lists?

State-wise HR Executives List for USA

Minnesota HR Executives List

New Jersey HR Executives List

New York HR Executives List

North Carolina HR Executives List

Ohio HR Executives List

Pennsylvania HR Executives List

Texas HR Executives List

Virginia HR Executives List

Washington HR Executives List

Wisconsin HR Executives List

Arizona HR Executives List

California HR Executives List

Connecticut HR Executives List

Florida HR Executives List

Georgia HR Executives List

Illinois HR Executives List

Indiana HR Executives List

Maryland HR Executives List

Massachusetts HR Executives List

Michigan HR Executives List


Which are your most popular HR lists?

Top Selling Human ResourceExecutives Lists

HR Executives List

Complete list of Human Resource Directors, HR Managers, VPs of HR, Recruiting Managers, etc

Mega HR and Recruiter Combo List

HR Titles (Human Resource Titles, HR Directors/Managers, Personnel Managers/Directors and VPs of HR, Recruiters, Senior Recruiters & Hiring Decision Makers, Executive Search Firms & Head Hunters, Recruiting Firms, etc.)‏

HR Executives – Manufacturing and Hi-Tech Firms

HR executives and Hiring Decision Makers at Manufacturing and Hi-Tech firms


How can you get our HR lists?

Reach Us and Access our HR Lists

To visit our website:

To visit our blog:

To email me:


Brian Robinson

Marketing Consultant

HR Lists