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About Time. ART004-1. 03/03 ABOUT TIME Unit code and title: ART004-1 Visual Art Practice Unit credits: 45 Unit assessment method: 100% Portfolio Unit submission: 02.05.14 context Time-based media Works of art which depend on technology and have duration as a dimension .

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About time

About Time



Unit code and title: ART004-1 Visual Art Practice

Unit credits: 45

Unit assessment method: 100% Portfolio

Unit submission: 02.05.14


Time-based media

Works of art which depend on technology and have duration as a dimension.


The study of the effects of the physical environment on people's feelings and behaviour. It is an approach to geography that emphasizes playfulness and "drifting" around urban environments.

Time based media
Time Based Media





_computer based technologies


Tacita dean
Tacita Dean


Luke fowler
Luke Fowler


Francis alys
Francis Alys



The practice of exploring the urban environment while being led by curiosity and a paused sense of time and place. While it is important to let your senses absorb the spaces around you, it is equally, if not more important to find yourself in new spaces, spaces stumbled upon by chance; paying attention to the smaller details, the lost objects, the signage, the fragments that make walking a reward in itself, with a slower pace and an increased opportunity to revel in the simple pleasures of things. A sense of wander/wonder is essential to find the simplicity in urban living. The Urban Dictionary

Ken ichiro taniguchi
Ken’ichiro Taniguchi


To produce an artwork in a time-based media and developmental work in response to the theme of psychogeography.

You are to gather a collection of visual research with this starting point in mind; think about how you can explore your surroundings in a completely new way. Think about how you can convey meaning through using basing visual concepts explored in the previous project. Your challenge is creating a thoughtful, experimental body of work in response to the brief, and further sourcing, e­diting and sequencing your chosen content into video form. You are to be as experimental with this process as you like. Consider how a series of images together in sequence might convey an idea or feeling.

There will be a demand that research is a driver for developing this project and your practice as an artist. You will be expected to analyse, interpret and respond to your research and you must take a much more active and independent role in furthering your subject knowledge. There is a requirement for you to be working outside of the given workshops on developing your work. You must demonstrate that you have read at least one text from the list in your reflective annotation.

Keywords: research, analyse, interpret, thoughtful, experimental, independent, reflective annotation

project timetable

06.03.14 in (Room A423B) – Project Briefing & Workshop

13.03.14 in (Room A423B) – Student presentations/ Group critique

20.03.14 in (Room A423B) – Tutorials &Workshop

27.03.14 in (Room A423B) – Interim Review & Feedback


01.05.14 in (Room A423B) – Final critique and self-assessment

02.05.14 in – HAND IN

Deliverables- what you need to submit

_x1 finished piece in a time-based media of your choice

_Preparatory work, including work completed during the workshops.

_Reflective annotation, with reference to at least one text from the list.

assessment criteria & learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit you should be able to:

_Use practical media and processes effectively, safely and creatively in responding to ideas and to given visual problems.

_Exercise a nuanced response to visual qualities and conceptual problems

 Assessment Criteria

_Provide evidence that you have considered and used basic concepts, understood and exploited methods intrinsic to the media and processes relevant to the expression of visual ideas.

_Demonstrate an awareness of visual qualities such as line, tone, pattern, colour, composition and that they have been used effectively and with a consideration for aesthetic qualities in responding to both visual and conceptual problems.

For next week:

Student presentations:

_Aim for a 10 minute powerpoint presentation

_x3 proposed routes of study incorporating psychogeography

_supporting visual and theoretical research