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PLASTICS-USA. PHASE IV: Model System for ISO Implementation Project: ISO Implementation at Plastics, USA December 14, 1999. Team ISO Implementation. Glenn Gee [email protected] - Project Liaison Cathy Petretich [email protected] - Team Facilitator Team Members

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Plastics usa


PHASE IV: Model System for ISO Implementation

Project: ISO Implementation at Plastics, USA

December 14, 1999

Team iso implementation
Team ISO Implementation

Plastics USA

  • Team Members

  • Contents


    Company Background

    Project Update

    Project Plan Progress

    Model System for Implementation

    Incorporating Team philosophy

    Data and sampling plan

    Financial aspects of ISO 9000

    Documentation assessment

    Team Course Evaluation

    Works Cited

    Appendix A

    Appendix B

    Appendix C

    Appendix D


    Plastics USA


    Plastics USA

    Project: To help Plastics USA, a small plastics injection molding company, to implement an ISO 9001 based quality system.

    • Team will develop model system for ISO implementation

      Phase IV describes findings and recommendations

    Company background
    Company Background

    Plastics USA

    • Located northeast of Terre Haute, IN

    • 80 full-time workers

    • 3 shift operation

    • Seeks various products to design

      and produce

    • Company unsuccessfully attempted

      registration once before

      • Lack of commitment from management

      • Inadequately trained ISO 9000 rep

    • Quality manual and procedures in place

    • Quality manager is working diligently to meet timeline

    Project update
    Project Update

    Plastics USA

    • Plastics USA is assessed as follows:

      • Motivation of company – medium strength

      • Information and education – low (training)

      • Resources involved – low, insufficient

      • Planning for registration – high

    • With the possible startup of internal audits, it is possible that top management will provide more support in the effort.

    Project plan progress
    Project Plan Progress

    Plastics USA

    • Target for registration is 4/1/00

    • Status of project steps:

      • Management training – retraining is planned

      • Develop quality manual – registrar will review in mid-January

      • Contract registrars – one has been selected and is now in place

      • Sign contract with registrar – done

      • Develop procedures – ongoing

      • Write work instructions -- ongoing

    Project plan progress1
    Project Plan Progress

    Plastics USA

    • D-day – (start up of system) – delayed 1 month

    • Internal auditor training – has been accomplished

    • Workforce training – memos and briefings done

    • Start internal audits – to begin in mid-December

    • ISO 9000 Network audit –scheduled for late Jan

    • Management reviews/Pre-assessment by registrar/Assessment by registrar – one has been prepared

    • Celebration of registration – will be planned

    Role of class team
    Role of Class Team

    Plastics USA

    • Provide support for the implementation effort

    • Provide toolkit ideas for quality improvements

    • Provide critiques for upcoming systems procedures that are being developed

    • Provide critiques for upcoming work instructions that are being developed

    • Provide ideas for possible forms as requested by the company

    • Other tasks or duties as assigned

    Model system for improvement
    Model System for Improvement

    Plastics USA

    Four areas were deemed most critical:

    • Incorporating team philosophy

    • Best uses of data/statistical methods

    • Financial aspects of ISO 9000 certification

    • Documentation Assessment

    Team course evaluation
    Team Course Evaluation

    Plastics USA

    • Evaluation is vital to the success of a team

    • The team has been strengthened by the evaluation process employed

    • Team members are evaluated on a weekly basis on participation, timeliness, and content

    • An analysis of weekly evaluations indicates that the team is functioning at a high level, and has shown consistent improvement (see chart on next slide)

    • Lessons learned have been documented

    Works cited
    Works Cited

    Plastics USA

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    Plastics USA

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    Plastics USA

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    Plastics USA

    • Appendix A

    • Appendix B

    • Appendix C

    • Appendix D

    Plastics usa1


    PHASE IV: Model System for ISO Implementation

    Project: ISO Implementation at Plastics, USA

    December 14, 1999