Public access in water supply and waste water treatment sector
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Public access in water supply and waste water treatment sector Edlira DERSHA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public access in water supply and waste water treatment sector Edlira DERSHA Ministry of Environment of Albania Geneva, December 2013. Recently steps for implementation of AC. Web base database for Environmental Information System EIS (start J anuary 2014)

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Public access in water supply and waste water treatment sector


Ministry of Environment of Albania

Geneva, December 2013

Recently steps for implementation of ac
Recently steps sectorfor implementation of AC

Web base database for Environmental InformationSystem EIS (start January 2014)

Finished the work for the population data until 2012. Data base was designated to include 4 module: Public information requests, Permitting process , inspections and monitoring, events and activities.

Positive cases for assess of environmental information from Municipalities

-Information Offices situated in the reception place.

-Regarding environment, the municipality's employees declare raising of the number receiving requests for information.

- The level of awareness of the local government units shows some positive signs with regards to information and participation of the citizens regarding strategies, policies and plans and legislation (Tirana, Korça, Shkodra, Vloraect)

Public sectoraccess in water supply and waste water treatment sector

Statistics on albania and its water sector
Statistics on Albania and its Water Sector sector

  • Land area: 11.100 square miles

  • Average of fresh water: 8.700 m2 per capita per year

  • Number of river basins: 6

  • Water supply sources: Springs and Groundwater

  • Population : 3.6 million people

  • Number of local governments: 373

  • Water supply and sewerage companies and utilities: 58

  • Number of the water/waste water companies: 2 companies

  • Population with access to drinking water: 69% in 2002 – 93.9% 2012

  • Population with access to sewerage: 64% in 2002 - 69% in 2012



Good communication good decision
Good Communication - sectorGood Decision

Daily newspaper “Koha Jone” 2011 wrote “Water Regulatory Authority has approved yesterday eventually higher tariffs for drinking water for households by 33 Al Lek per cubic meter to actually pay in 2012, will pay 45 AL Lek, while the increase was proposed by the Water Enterprise in 55 ALL”

The Water Regulatory Authority has organized for two months meeting with different target groups and with general public.

Organize for three week the media campaign according the new tariffs.

The decision coming after very qualify information and the long decision making process . Very difficult decision but was resulted successfully case.

New national strategy public information and public participation
New sectorNational Strategy Public Information and Public Participation

  • Launched by Prime Minister in July, Inter- Ministry roundtables and working groups, Regional Meetings throughout Albania followed up 240 questionnaires.

  • 672 NWSSS Information Packs, 890 CDs and 370 printed versions of ‘Draft NWSSS’ were circulated.

  • Public information and Public Participation of the New National Strategy for Water Supply and Sewage (NWSSS) for period 2011-2017. Probably one of the biggest consultation held by Albanian Ministries.

Public Services offered by Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprises

The report on citizens’ perceptions of the quality of water supply and sewerage services in Albania.

  • The objective of this report is to provide hard data on citizens’ perceptions of the quality of water supply and sewerage services. This data constitute:

    - an input into a dialogue between utility providers and customers with a view to improve the quality of services;

    - a tool for the stakeholders and in particular the Regulatory Authority to obtain hard data/document the current situation and monitor the impact of reforms on the quality of this public service and take steps for consumer protection;

    - a tool which the utility providers can adopt to set targets and monitor themselves their customers’ perception of the quality of the services they provide.

Existence/inexistence of an office for customers’ relations

Easiness in finding the customers service unit (desk) and staff helpfulness

Improving the quality of services


  • With the Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania is a professional, not-for-profit association of water supply and sewerage professionals.

  • Organizes the only annual water supply and sewerage conference and exhibition in Albania

  • Conducts a Children's Water Awareness Program reaching over 3,000 3rd grade students annually.

  • Conducts a University Student Summer Internship Program that provides 40-60 water and environmental engineering students with practical work experience

  • Established the Young Water Professionals Group of Albania which has 120 paid members


Most of the water supply and sewerage utilities of have active webpage when we found the (i) tariff application for different client groups, (ii) the necessary legislation (iii) different utilize information for the public.

PUBLIC OFFICER for request/appeal from public. Information Offices situated in the reception place.

Wastewater relations


Plans in Albania

Public hearing was organized for all this WWTP in the early stage when have been project proposal and the second public hearing have been held in contents of the EIA study.

Thank You relations

for Your Attention