the significance of going paperless using mobile n.
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The significance of going paperless using Mobile Forms PowerPoint Presentation
The significance of going paperless using Mobile Forms

The significance of going paperless using Mobile Forms

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  1. The significance of going paperless using Mobile Forms: Mobile Forms have been clear & easy to use solution for businesses that invest a massive amount in sheets of paper each year. Paper-Based documents cost not only money but also grinds the productivity to a halt. Creating Mobile Forms eases the data collection procedure by gathering quality data using iPad & Android tablets from any location, this consumes less time as compared to paper-based data collection. Save your Time by Going Paperless: Paper-based data collection needs to be processed once it has been collected, i.e., workers who work remotely or in the field complete their task & need to get back to the office to submit & process the data. All these could be avoided by using mobile forms that collect valid data from any location, even when the device is offline. With offline mobile forms, workers can collect data & sync it to the server automatically when the device gets reconnected to the network. This not only saves time but also lets the admin monitor the data in real-time as soon as the data gets synced to the server. Creating Mobile Forms from Brew Survey Dashboard: Creating mobile forms from Brew Survey needs no technical skills, users can create attractive mobile forms by embedding logo, background image & change the font color right from the dashboard & test the functionality of the form on how it looks on different devices before publishing it to the devices. Workers can capture and upload images along with the data that they gather along with the location from where the data is being gathered. All the data can be monitored with an illustrative Line & Pie Graph, that helps to visualize the reports in the best possible way. Create smart mobile forms that are easy to build & to collect data which enhances business efficiency & shows the result in Real-Time that helps to track performance on a daily basis.