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Purport to Verse 11.5.19 PowerPoint Presentation
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Purport to Verse 11.5.19

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Purport to Verse 11.5.19 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lesson 5 Q9: Give specific details about the names, complexions, forms and the process of worship of the four yug ä vat ä ras of the Supreme Lord. (11.5.19). Purport to Verse 11.5.19.

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Lesson 5Q9: Give specific details about the names, complexions, forms and the process of worship of the four yugävatäras of the Supreme Lord.(11.5.19)

purport to verse 11 5 19
Purport to Verse 11.5.19
  • “It has been clearly established in the previous verses that human life is spoiled if one does not surrender unto the Supreme Lord and engage in His loving devotional service. Therefore the King is now requesting the sages to give specific details about the worship of the Lord because this devotional process has clearly been described as the only practical means of delivering the conditioned soul.”
glorification of lord caitanya the age of kali 36 40
Glorification of Lord Caitanya & the Age of Kali (36-40)
  • Those advanced in knowledge can appreciate the essential value of Kali-yuga because in this fallen age all perfection can easily be achieved simply by the performance of saïkértana-yajïa, or congregational chanting of the holy name, etc. established by Lord Caitanya.
  • Lord Caitanya, who came as the devotee of the Supreme Lord, to teach us how to serve Him. The Lord freely distributed His mercy to everyone regardless how fallen one can be. (Contd)
glorification of lord caitanya contd
Glorification of Lord Caitanya…(Contd)
  • Even the inhabitants of Satya-yuga and other ages eagerly desire to take birth in this age of Kali because of its special virtues.
  • Simply chanting the holy name, one can attain the supreme peace and free oneself from the cycle of repeated birth & death.
  • In this age, there will be many devotees of the Lord.