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Bundaberg Sugar Case Study - Aline Pumps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here you can see case study of Bundaberg Sugar Company by Aline Pumps - One of The Leading Fire Fighting Pumps Manufacturer, Supplier and Distributor in Australia based in Sydney and Brisbane.\n

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A leader in the Australian Sugar industry since 1882, Bundaberg Sugar is a grower, miller, refiner, and marketer of

sugar and related products in Australia. The company is one of the country’s largest cane growers and owns and

operates sugar mills in Queensland.

Bundaberg Sugar participates in all levels of the raw sugar industry, with activities spanning the full sugar processing

cycle including cane growing, milling, refining, packaging and distributing sugar products to retail, industrial and export


Bundaberg Sugar with Aline Pumps

The reputation for quality that dates back to the late 1800's when the company first refined

sugar in the Bundaberg area. As the refining process is essentially a continuous one, there

are no distinct batches as such. Thus to produce the correct type of sugar there are a number

of ongoing checks that occur during the refining operation to ensure that the correct

specification for the sugar type is achieved at the end of the process.

In an effort to protect their investment, Bundaberg Sugar has invested heavily to outfit the

production facilities with state-of-the-art fire hydrant equipment. Teaming up with the

leading specialist in the fire protection industry, Aline Group has over 20 years’ experience

in specifying and building heavy duty systems to ensure our products can delivery when

depended upon.

Diesel Electric Fire Booster Pump

Diesel Electric Fire Booster Pumpset to AS2941-2013

Duty: l/s @ m head +130%l/s @ 80%m

Aline end suction centrifugal pump with ductile cast iron housing, bronze

impeller and stainless steel shaft. Pump shall be direct flexibly coupled to a kW

2,900rpm heat exchanger cooled diesel engine on a fabricated hot dip galvanized

steel baseplate. Fitted to the unit is a diesel control panel with instrumentation

and interconnecting engine wiring, self-bundled fuel tank with 6 hour capacity,

muffler and flexible connector.

Power Requirements: 240 volts, 1.5kW & 15 amps

Jacking Pumps

Aline AVM3-19 1.5kW 240 volt automatic pressure maintenance pump capable of

40l/min @ 100m, complete with control & monitoring panel, pressure switch,

pressure gauge and pressure vessel. Pump mounted on a galvanized steel baseplate

and wired to dedicated control panel. Jacking Pump is fully pre-piped with check

valves and isolating valves fitted as required.

Power Requirements: 240 volts, 1.5kW & 8.9 amps

Electric Pump Unit

Aline end suction centrifugal pump with ductile cast iron housing, bronze

impeller and stainless steel shaft. Pump shall be direct flexibly coupled to a

kW 2,900rpm 415/3/50 electric motor, mounted on a fabricated hot dip

galvanized steel baseplate with coupling guard. Unit shall be fitted with a kW

Star Delta/DOL electric control panel, mounted and workshop wired.

Power Requirements: volts, kW & amps

mm Hydrant Manifold

Unit fully piped with mm gear operated butterfly valves and duo type check valves

on pump discharges. Suction fitted with mm OS&Y gate valves. Pressure relief

valve fitted to main pump discharges.


- Pre-delivery performance test to the requirements of AS2417 Part 2 Class C.

- Commissioning on site after installation.

- Starting and control batteries.

- Water jacket heater on diesel engine.

- Mounts for bases.

- Three (3) copies of Operation & Maintenance manuals.