brent schillage keys to successful team building n.
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Brent Schillage - Keys to Successful Team Building PowerPoint Presentation
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Brent Schillage - Keys to Successful Team Building

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Brent Schillage - Keys to Successful Team Building - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brent Schillage - Keys to Successful Team Building

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brent schillage currently owns and oversees

Brent Schillage currently owns and oversees the operation of multiple businesses.

As such, Schillage is responsible for ensuring the right teams are in place to accomplish each organization’s unique vision; to work together toward reaching objectives while maintaining operational efficiency and effectiveness.

as brent schillage knows putting the right

As Brent Schillage knows, putting the right individuals together, and creating the right teams for the job, isn’t always easy, though it’s essential to the success of any operation.

clearly define your expectations
Clearly Define Your Expectations

When building a company, it’s important to clearly define and convey organizational expectations and objectives right at the outset.

empower your leaders
Empower Your Leaders

Giving your leadership the information, tools and flexibility they need to succeed is one of the best ways to ensure your company stays on the right track.

keep communication open
Keep Communication Open

Effective teams work best when given the ability to express constructive ideas and criticism without fear of punishment.