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Operation neptune spear

Operation neptune spear

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Operation neptune spear

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  1. Operation neptune spear The Killing of Osama Bin Laden By: Will Novak

  2. Map Of where Bin laden was found Bin Landen was hiding in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad from 2006-2011

  3. The navy seals • navy seal team 6 was told that they were going to hunt down and kill or capture Osama bin laden. May 1st 2011 seal tem 6 breaks into Bin Ladens compound killing one of his sons and reaching the third floor. There on the third floor shooting Bin Ladens wife in the leg, they now have the target. Shooting Bin Laden once in the head and once in the chest killing him almost instantly.

  4. Background of Osama bin laden Born in 1957 he was a born into a very rich family. Going to school in his later years he was expelled and started his decent into terrorism. August 1998 suicide bombers run into the U.S embassy in Kenya blowing up the building killing 224. This was the work of Osama September 11, 2001. At 8:45 am a Boeing 767 crashes into the north tower. 18 minutes later another 767 crashes into the south tower. 15 minutes later the south tower comes down. 10:30 am the north tower comes down to. New York was covered in rubble and destruction. Along with the Twin Towers, the Pentagon was also hit by a plane. Meanwhile a plane still in the air was being hijacked just like the other two planes were already. The plane was then re taken by the passengers but crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. This to, was the work of Bin laden. These bombing and more will cause Bin Laden to become the most wanted and reason for the U.S government to spend trillions of dollars to located and kill Bin Laden.

  5. background • 10 years after the 9/11 attack the government finds a man in satellite image who is always staying under trees, in the house, and away from the open sky. Looking more into this man they try to find who he his. They see a man also there from the start who the cia already knows his name, Abu Ahmed al Kwatiie. They followed him and eventually he led them straight to Osama. May 1st 2011 Navy Seal team 6 snuck into the compound in Abbottabad. On the third floor they shot him dead.

  6. Kenya bombing 9/11 attacks


  8. Short term Effects Bin ladens death caused. Celebrate After Bin Laden's death Obama made his speech telling the country that Osama Bin Laden has been killed. This caused celebration through America! Little changed when he was killed but when he was killed terrorist activity died down in Pakistani because his followers now did not have a leader. Another effect his death had was that the U.S funding spent on finding him was now at a down with and the government had more money.

  9. Long term effects of Osama's death. • After killing Osama Americans need no longer live in fear of the terrorist leader people felt more safe and not as worried about something close to 9/11 happening again. • Also after killing Osama the Taliban was forever hurt and the organization was no longer as strong. Attacks still do happen but more rarely then before.

  10. Reflection • After reading and watching reports on the events of Osama Bin Laded I think this should have been done different. Spending trillions of dollars for this should have not been needed. I think that with the technology we had and the information less money should have been spent. Besides money I think that it was a great day in history. Many Americans felt that their loved ones had been avenged and I felt America had achieved a goal.

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