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Midsummer Night’s Dream

Midsummer Night’s Dream

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Midsummer Night’s Dream

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  1. Midsummer Night’s Dream 9 ELA

  2. Act I Vocabulary • Austerity- condition of lacking pleasure • Beguile- to trick • Cloister- place where members of a religious community live • Dote- to give love excessively • Extenuate- to lessen the seriousness of something • Feign- to pretend • Idolatry- false worship • Reveling- enjoying festivities; partying

  3. Personal Response to Act 1 Hermia said: • “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; And therefore is wing’d Cupid painted blind: Nor hath Love’s mind of any judgment taste; Wings, and no eyes, figure unheedy haste: And therefore is Love said to be a child, Because in choice he is so oft beguiled.” • Explain this quote in detail, specifically regarding the metaphor of love as a child. • Choose one of the seven main characters introduced in Act I Scene i and explain why you relate to them and how, or choose one you can not relate to at all and explain why. (10 sentence response)

  4. ACT I Scene I1.Thesus (king of Athens) will marry Hippolyta In 4 days.2. Egeus tells Thes. That his daughter (Hermia) refuses to marry Demetrius b/c she is in love with Lysander. Thes. Tells Hermia she has 3 choices: 1-marry Demetrius 2- become a nun 3- die(she must decide by his wedding day)3. Hermia & Lysander decide to secretly run away to elope in the forest (his aunts house) – Helena is the only person to know about their plan…but she decides to tell Demet. & they run into the woods to stop H & L

  5. Act I Scene II 1- We meet Quince, Bottom etc. (acting group) as they are pract. For their 1st performance. 2- They will perform at Theseus’ wedding (4 days) 3- Pyramus & Thisby is a play about suicidal lovers

  6. Do Now: Who is Who- Act I Scene i

  7. Ay me, for aught that I could ever read, could ever hear by tale or history, the course of true love never did run smooth. . . . (p. 7 line 132) Through Athens I am thought as fair as she.But what of that? Demetrius thinks not so… Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. (p. 11 line 228) Important Passages from Act I

  8. Night • What images did you see associated with night in Act II? (see wkst)

  9. Act II- Vocabulary • Dissemble- to pretend • Flout- to mock • Progeny- offspring • Promontory- peak of land that juts out • Wanton- shameless

  10. Act II Main Points Act II Scene I • Titania rescues a human boy, promises his mom she would care for him. Oberon wants him for a “Page” – Titania says no • We meet Puck (Robin Goodfellow) • Helena & Demetrius in forest- Helena throws herself at Demetrius – he is turned off (she makes him “sick”) • Titania instructs Puck to get magic flower & anoint eyes of Athenian boy & when he wakes he will fall in love w/ the 1st person he sees.

  11. Act II Scene II Fairies sing as they work to Titania to protect her from creatures…Oberon puts a spell over Titania make her fall in love w/ something “vile” Lysander & Hermia go to sleep in the forest – she says to move b/c it’s not appropriate to lay together (they are not married) Puck puts potion on wrong eyes – eyes of Lysander – he wakes & falls in love with Helena – he profeses his love for her * she thinks he is making fun of her.

  12. Journal- Written Response • How does rejection feel? • How does one get over or move on after being rejected by someone loved?

  13. Act III Vocabulary • Chink- a narrow opening • Brake- thicket ; bushes • Knavery-creative; tricky; silly • Enamored- inspired by love • Purge- to remove; get rid of • Kindred- family • Bower- a woman’s private room • Lamenting- express sadness ; sorrow • Consecrated- sacred • Rebuke- disapproval ; stern

  14. Act III Main Points Act III Scene I • The “acting troop” meet in the woods to practice play – Bottom suggests they “edit” some of the play b/c they will be performing for a large group of nobles… • Puck is watching…turns Bottom’s head into the head of an ass (donkey)…others are scared & run away…Puck is happy with his mischief • Sleeping Titania awakes (w/ the potion on her eyelids) she see Bottom w/ the asses head 1st & falls in love. She asks the fairies to care for him…Bottom has no idea his head is that of an ass (donkey)

  15. Look For Doubling • Doubling- when characters or pairs of characters are very similar based on name, personalities, and situations they find themselves in. • Look for examples of these “doubling” characters

  16. Act III- Things to Look For: • What does Shakespeare blur or confuse in this play? • In this Act Bottom’s actors rehearse a play about the legendary love of Pyramus and Thisbe. This love story originally told by Ovid in the poem Metamorphoses is tragic and gruesome; however, the performance is so silly and almost ridiculous it almost becomes a comedy. • In Act III Shakespeare plays with ideas of vision, of blindness, and or different ways of interpreting what one sees. One of the things that love, or infatuation, does is to make the lover see the beloved as perfect, no matter what the circumstances.

  17. Act 2 & 3 Journal Complete Night Web Wksht

  18. Act III Main Points Act III Scene I • The acting troop meet to rehearse – Bottom suggests some changes b/c they are performing for a large group of nobles. • Puck is watching – turns Bottom’s head into that of an ass as a joke…the others get frightened and run away • Titania wakes up (w/ flower potion on her eyelids)…sees Bottom (w/ asses head) and falls in love…tells her fairies to take care of him…Bottom goes along w/ plan, but has no idea that his head is that of an ass (donkey)

  19. Act III Main Points Con’t… Act III Scene II • Puck tells Oberon about the situation w/ Titania & Bottom… Oberon laughs & is pleased • Oberon finds out Puck anointed the wrong boys eyes. • Just then, Demetrius wakes up, sees Helena, and declares that she's a goddess. • Now Helena really is upset b/c she thinks that both men are mocking her for their amusement. • Lysander and Demetrius bicker over who should get Helena. • They all argue & become very tired…Puck, with all four asleep, can now begin his work to fix his error. • He says a little rhyme, and squeezes the remedy onto Lysander's eyes. Now Lysander will love Hermia again when he wakes, and each man will take the woman that is right for him.

  20. Theme Quiz for Act 2 & 3Period 2 Juniper Buttercup Blossom Kevin DeDe Brianna Rose Troy Jahaud Arjun James Jose Samantha Matt Nick Firefly Lavender Amani Riley Jacob Morgan Justin Lesley Hasibul Sierra

  21. Theme Quiz for Act 2 & 3Period 3 Juniper Buttercup Blossom Fallon Erin Madysen Carly Mark Aagam Conrad Keri-Lynn Cody Quaison Shaighlyn Nieem Firefly Lavender Star Gazer Dakota Connor Louis Alexis Kayla Scarlyn Don Jeremy Gabby Nazir Kelsey Nicole Citrus Flower Jimmy Ashleigh John Anthony

  22. Theme Quiz for Act 2 & 3Period 6 Juniper Buttercup Blossom Noah Arrion CJ Nigmet Gurbet JaQuan Alex Evan Harry Tyler Sariya Lauren Firefly Lavender Star Gazer RebeccaGena Danny Moises Christian Lorraine Josh Joey Jimmy Andy Jewel

  23. Response After Reading Act III As Hermia, you have just lost your love to your best friend who you think has “stol’n my love’s heart from him…” This would mean losing your best friend too. Which is the worse tragedy and why? Use not only your personal feelings but validations from the play.

  24. Act IV Vocabulary • Amiable- good natured, personable qualities • Fret- to feel or express worry • Loath- deep-seated hatred • Entwist- to twist together • Dotage- excessive fondness • Unbraid-to find fault with (reproach) • Conjunction- a combination • Enmity-unwilling ; reluctant; hostility • A formal discussion ; to narrate the facts

  25. ACT IV Vocabulary • Quizlet Midsummer Act IV Vocab

  26. Act IV Main Points • Titania is still in love with Bottom • Oberon decides to remove spell (will seem like a strange dream) • Egeus finds 4 kids asleep in forest • Thesus reminds him that today is day of Hermia’s decision • Guys tell of their love for the girls(Lysander to Hermia and Demetrius to Helena • Bottom wakes up & returns to friends

  27. Journal Response Have you ever had an unusual experience in a dream that makes you shake your head and ask, “Did that really happen?” If you cannot think of a personal example, can you think of a movie or book where the characters had a similar experience?

  28. Act V Vocabulary • Abridgement: entertainment • Mantle: cloak • Partition: a dividing wall • Beshrew: curse

  29. Quizlet Act V Vocab • Midsummer Act V Vocab

  30. Act V Main Points • Hippolyta says even though lovers story is strange, it must be true b/c it’s solid & consistent • Thesus tells everyone to go to sleep after play – wedding festiv. Will continue for next 2 weeks • Puck closes play – apologizing for silly play – suggests that it was a dream

  31. Journal Response In this play everyone has managed to get their happy ending. If Shakespeare went a different route – what could have been the outcome? For this journal, write an alternate ending for the play. One meaty paragraph – and you will turn in it.