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Winter 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Winter 2013

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Winter 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Microsoft IT Academy Program. Microsoft Learning Deployment Team. Winter 2013. Agenda. What is MOAC?. 1. What resources are included?. MOAC Features. 2. How to access & MOAC resources. 3. 4. What is “MOAC”?. MOAC is an acronym that stands for

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Microsoft IT Academy Program

Microsoft Learning

Deployment Team

Winter 2013



What is MOAC?


What resources are included?

MOAC Features


How to access & MOAC resources



what is moac
What is “MOAC”?
  • MOAC is an acronym that stands for
    • Microsoft Official Academic Curriculum
  • Published by Wiley for Microsoft
  • MOAC provides everything academic instructors need to plan, prepare, and conduct hands-on classes with a goal of certification for students
what resources are included
What resources are included?
  • MOS Resources:
    • Instructor’s Guide
    • Student e- Textbooks (found on the Member site)
    • Teacher PowerPoint presentations –with lecture notes
    • Test Banks
  • MTA Resources
    • Instructor’s Guide
    • Classroom Setup Guide
    • Test Banks
    • Teacher PowerPoint presentation-with lecture notes
    • Student e-Textbooks (found on the Member Site)

-> Instructor Resources found on the site and Student e-Books found on the IT Academy member site

mos pedagogical features

Lesson Skill Matrix

  • At beginning of each lesson. Correlates each software skill covered in the lesson to the specific MOS exam objective domain
real world business case
Real-World Business Case

Each lesson features a real-world Business case scenario that places the software skills and knowledge to be acquired in a real-world setting.

software orientations
Software Orientations

Provide an overview of the software features students will be working with in the lesson.

step by step instructions
Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Concise and frequent Step-by-Step instructions
    • teach students new features
    • provide hands-on practice
  • Give detailed instructions to help students learn software skills.
  • Show results and screen images to match what students should see on their computer screens.
  • Provide visual feedback as students work through the exercises
  • Reinforce key concepts
  • Provide visual clues about the steps
  • Allow students to check their progress
button images
Button Images

When the text instructs a student to click a particular button, button images are shown in the margin or in the text.

key terms
Key Terms
  • Important technical vocabulary is listed in the Key Terms section
    • When these terms are used later in the lesson, they appear in bold italic type with yellow highlighter and are defined.
  • The Glossary contains all of the key terms and their definitions.
reader aids
Reader Aids
  • Bottom Line: why this topic is relevant
  • Take Note: provides students with helpful hints
  • Another Way: shows alternate ways to accomplish tasks
  • Troubleshooting: points out things to watch out for or avoid
certification ready
Certification Ready

Found throughout the text to signal students where a specific certification objective is covered

moac student files


MOAC Student Files


My Academy tab


Expanded Curriculum section


Expand What is MOAC? question







My Academy tab


Expanded Curriculum section


Expand What is MOAC? question

Scroll to “Step 2” and follow instructions to register, sign up and download


once on wiley com
Once on


Click on text link


Follow instructions

Do NOT click registration link on upper right


During the registration process when asked to select a course, all fields under “course information” and “book currently used for course” are optional and can be left blank. 

new moac quick start guide
New! MOAC Quick Start Guide

Available on your state share site or the ITA Member Site under Getting Started