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Week 10

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Week 10. Today’s Goals: Objective vs. Subjective writing Ehrenreich. Objective vs. Subjective. Objective vs. Subjective. Objective vs. Subjective. Subjective writing Emotionally opinionated Thoughts, feelings, assumptions, and judgments Argument based on emotion

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week 10

Week 10

Today’s Goals:

Objective vs. Subjective writing


objective vs subjective2
Objective vs. Subjective
  • Subjective writing
    • Emotionally opinionated
      • Thoughts, feelings, assumptions, and judgments
      • Argument based on emotion
    • Personality of writer comes through
    • Uses:
          • _____________________________________
          • _____________________________________
objective vs subjective3
Objective vs. Subjective
  • Objective
    • Factual:
        • Uses statistics, quotes, and opinions of experts (not self)
        • Purpose can be to inform or persuade
    • Uses neutral words
    • Employs reasoning and logic to persuade audience
    • Uses:
          • _____________________________________
          • _____________________________________
objective vs subjective4
Objective vs. Subjective

How does objective and subjective writing affect the reader?

Subjective: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Objective: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

objective vs subjective5
Objective vs. Subjective

Officials from the transit agency announced a third scenario yesterday that would raise fares overall by 23 percent while cutting some services in order to close the gap. While the new plan is not yet set in stone, it is likely to be implemented. The plan was created after officials spent months traveling around Greater Boston to hear concerns from thousands of commuters about other proposals that included higher fare hikes and even more service cuts.

objective vs subjective6
Objective vs. Subjective

“I’m definitely against [fare increases]. I think public transportation is [needed] to have a functional society ... you would think it would be the city’s No. 1 concern. But it doesn’t surprise me that they are raising fares.”

objective vs subjective7
Objective vs. Subjective
  • I believe that there is a discrepancy between social classes.
  • Ehrenreich suggests there is a discrepancy between social classes.
  • Private schools are always elitists.
  • Private schools are often viewed at elitists.
  • The upper-middle class is insane to want maids who clean the floor on their hands and knees
  • ________________________________________________
objective vs subjective8
Objective vs. Subjective
  • I believe America needs to change its immigration policy.
  • ______________________________________________
  • Obviously, all people deserve health care.
  • ______________________________________________
  • The government allows children to eat cow tumors!
  • ______________________________________________
objective vs subjective9
Objective vs. Subjective
  • Where is it okay to be a bit more subjective in an academic essay?


ehrenreich scrubbing in maine
Ehrenreich “Scrubbing in Maine”
  • Background Info:
    • Ehrenreich has a Ph.D. and is an accomplished writer.
    • She travels the country giving lectures at universities
    • Ehrenreich chooses Maine because she can “blend in” with the blue-collar workers and remain undercover.
    • the maids Ehrenreich works with are white women.
ehrenreich scrubbing in maine1
Ehrenreich “Scrubbing in Maine”
  • Skim Ehrenreich’s piece; find moments of both subjective and objective writing.
  • Does Ehrenreich write more subjectively or objectively? Why do you think this is?
  • Can you begin to understand Ehrenreich’s personality solely based on this article?
  • How is Ehrenreich’s article similar/different than DePalma’sarticle?
  • Do the maids have access to the American Dream? Why or why not?
    • American Dream: The ability to obtain a job that allows upward mobility, security, and flexibility.
  • Due: Sunday, April 8.
    • Finish a first (complete) draft of Essay #2
    • Post on e-portfolio- see Don Tracia in the tech center if you still have questions about the e-portfolio system.