the outer banks n.
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The Outer Banks PowerPoint Presentation
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The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks

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The Outer Banks

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  1. The Outer Banks By: Luke Sherry

  2. Tradition • Every year we visit the Outer Banks, we take time looking up houses and areas to stay at. • Once our location and date is set, the preparation begins by stocking up on food and supplies for the beach. • On the day we leave, the whole family wakes up at 4 AM to beat traffic on our six and a half hour drive.

  3. Spots Visited in the Outer Banks

  4. Different Settings Each place shown above has its own unique settings which made every trip so special in the years I have been in the Outer Banks.

  5. Activities Some things I love to do while at the Outer Banks include Kayaking and throwing the football around with friends by the water.

  6. Top Rental Spots

  7. Wright Brothers Memorial • The Wright Brothers Memorial is located in Kitty Hawk in Kill Devil Hills • The site includes a replica of the Wright Fyler and many other memorabilia • The Beatles (1965). Help![The Beatles]. Help!. EMI Records

  8. Corolla, My Number One Choice • “Today, multimillion dollar vacation homes dwarf the village proper and make Corolla one of the most desirable upscale vacation destinations in the country.” Coastal Guide. Corolla, North Carolina. Retrieved September 10th, 2012 from • Corolla is a fun place to be at for beach time and shopping. The environment sends off a great vibe and brings in a large crowd of happy beach goers.

  9. Hope to Visit Next • Corolla has always been my favorite location to visit and I hope I go back some time in the future. • I would also consider going to Kitty Hawk because of the dunes and the Wright Brother Memorial

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  11. Feedback • This assignment was a great way to execute my PowerPoint skills. I was tested to use my prior knowledge and skills in PowerPoint but also got to use some new features. This was the first time I used hyperlinks and SmartArt. They were new concepts but I believe I was able to use them to the best of my ability.