Trees on the nido de aguilas campus
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TREES ON THE NIDO DE AGUILAS CAMPUS. Mediterranean Climate in Santiago. Chaparral / Mediterranean Biome Sclerophyllous Forest – hard leaves. Espino Acacia caven (local tree). Boldo (Native to Chile) Peumus boldus. Quillay Quillaja saponaria (local Chilean tree).

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Chaparral mediterranean biome sclerophyllous forest hard leaves l.jpg
Chaparral / Mediterranean BiomeSclerophyllous Forest – hard leaves

Espino acacia caven local tree l.jpg
EspinoAcacia caven (local tree)

Boldo native to chile peumus boldus l.jpg
Boldo (Native to Chile) Peumusboldus

Quillay quillaja saponaria local chilean tree l.jpg
QuillayQuillajasaponaria (local Chilean tree)

Peumo crypotcarya alba local chilean tree l.jpg
PeumoCrypotcaryaalba (Local Chilean tree)

Litre lithraea caustica local chilean tree l.jpg
LitreLithraeacaustica (local Chilean tree)

Maiten mayrenus boaria local l.jpg
MaitenMayrenusboaria (local)

Ligustro aligustre ligustrum lucidum native to chile l.jpg
Ligustro / AligustreLigustrum lucidum (native to Chile)

Patagua crinodendron patagua native chilean l.jpg
PataguaCrinodendron patagua Native (Chilean)

Pimiento schinus molle 1 5 th region native i think l.jpg
PimientoSchinusmolle (1 - 5th Region native, I think)

Canelo drimys winteri native chilean l.jpg
CaneloDrimys winteri (Native Chilean)

Aromo acacia dealbata 7 th region native nonnative l.jpg
AromoAcacia dealbata(7th Region? Native/nonnative?)

Aromo australiano acacia melanoxylon 7 th region introduced l.jpg
AromoaustralianoAcacia melanoxylon (7th region introduced)

Linden american basswood tilia americana introduced from the usa l.jpg
Linden/American BasswoodTiliaAmericana (Introduced from the USA)

Monterrey pine pinus radiata introduced from usa l.jpg
Monterrey Pine Pinus radiata?Introduced from USA

Castano de flor aesculus hippocastanum introduced from europe l.jpg
Castano de flor Aesculus hippocastanum Introduced from Europe

Granado de flor punica granatum pleniflora introduced from the orient l.jpg
Granado de Flor Punica granatum plenifloraIntroduced from the Orient

Resources l.jpg