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What makes a leader?. Goleman , Daniel (1998), “What Makes a Leader,” Harvard Business Review, November- December, 93-102. Daniel Goleman , Ph.D. Born in California, 1946 Education-Amherst College, Harvard Author and expert on EQ Lecturer, psychologist, researcher,

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What makes a leader

What makes a leader?

Goleman, Daniel (1998), “What Makes a Leader,” Harvard Business Review, November-

December, 93-102.

Daniel goleman ph d
DanielGoleman, Ph.D

  • Born in California, 1946

  • Education-Amherst College, Harvard

  • Author and expert on EQ

  • Lecturer, psychologist, researcher,

    reporter, visiting faculty member at


  • Awards (Pulitzer Prize)

  • http://www.danielgoleman.info

Nyt best seller
NYT Best Seller

  • The New York Times bestselling

  • Over 5 million copies in nearly 30 languages

  • Best selling in Europe, Asia, and Latin America

Discussion outline
Discussion Outline

  • Defining/understanding Emotional Intelligence

  • Components of emotional intelligence

  • How is it related to performance

  • Can emotional intelligence be learned

  • Evaluation/Critique of the article

  • Leadership-beyond the article

What makes a leader

Self-Management Skills

The ability to relate to others

Performance and emotional intelligence
Performance and Emotional Intelligence

  • Goleman observed that emotional intelligence is twice as important as technical skills and IQ for jobs at all levels

  • Importance of emotional intelligence increases as job levels advance

  • EI distinguishes outstanding leaders and strong performers

  • When comparing average performers with senior leaders, 90% of the differences were related to emotional intelligence

  • Leaders with high emotional intelligence score positively impacts the company performance

Can emotional intelligence be learned
Can Emotional Intelligence Be Learned?

  • Leaders-Born or Made?

    • Leaders are borned with the traits/quality

    • Is a learned behavior

  • We know that EI…

    • increases with age

    • is a learned behavior

    • can be used to train leaders

  • Limbic system (feeling, impulses and drives)

  • Noecortex system (concepts, logic)

Training the limbic system
Training the Limbic System

Keys to learning


  • Self Motivation

  • Recognition

  • Practice

  • Continuous feedback

  • Time and focus

  • Breaking habits

  • Practice scenarios

  • Enlist a coach

  • Tape yourself

  • Mimic others

  • Go overseas?

A few criticisms
A Few Criticisms

  • Unfounded claims that have no empirical backing, such as EI having a higher predictive validity for performance in the work place than traditional measures of intelligence. There is no evidence to suggest this.

    • Matthews, G., Zeidner, M., & Roberts, R. (2002). Emotional Intelligence: Science & Myth. Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press.

  • Dr. Cary Cherniss neither argues against nor supports Goleman’s model, but states some of its history in his paper, Emotional Intelligence: What it is and Why it Matters

    • Graduate professor of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University in New Jersey

  • Steve Hein compiles Critical Review of Daniel Goleman

    • http://eqi.org/gole.htm#Table of Contents, page 3

Leadership beyond this article
Leadership-Beyond This Article

  • Various Leadership Models

  • Leadership is a function of…

    • L = f(Individual, Followers, Situation)

  • The power of the “like” factor

  • Openness, vision, and gestalt approach

Discussion questions
Discussion Questions

  • “IQ and technical skills are important, but emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership.” Explain.

  • What is emotional intelligence? Can emotional intelligence be learned? How?

  • Rate your emotional intelligence on a four-point scale (4=excellent, 3=good, 2=fair, 1=poor) for each of the five components? How can you improve your rating or emotional intelligence? Explain.