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Creating Value Conference Thursday 4 th January 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating Value Conference Thursday 4 th January 2012

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Creating Value Conference Thursday 4 th January 2012
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Creating Value Conference Thursday 4 th January 2012

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  1. Creating Value Conference Thursday 4th January 2012

  2. Who are ideasUK Founded in 1987 Not for profit charity organisation Membership based organisation Seen as ‘Best in the World’ Members in United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and Asia

  3. What do we offer? Support and assistance year round Networking opportunities Idea of the Year Award International Ideas Week Opportunity for International Benchmarking

  4. Headline Figures Average ideas programme produces a ROI of 5:1 Average idea save £1400.00 Average Award to staff £42.00 Average Submission rate 25% Average Implementation rate 19%

  5. Suggestion Schemes Are a means by which employees can formally submit ideas to their organizations. Are a commitment by management to encourage employees to offer ideas. Enhance the communication channels within organizations.

  6. Suggestion Schemes Demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to action oriented behavior. Add to the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization Response time is critical to employee moral and motivation.

  7. What I always hear • We’re… • government, private • a small company, a large company • an old company, a newer company • located in one place, dispersed locations • being merged, being sold • sales, service, IT, city,

  8. What I always say • What are our shared focal points? • People • Information • Processes • Technology • Which techniques can we employ in common? • How do you turn differences into enablers?

  9. Sharing of best practice Contributing to business projects Return on investment (ROI) Return on investment (ROI) Improves communication Improves communication External successes External successes Internal successes Internal successes Scheme Benefits Scheme Benefits

  10. Who do you need to influence? Directors Managers Specialists (e.g. Finance/HR) Employees Service partners

  11. In summary Identify who you want to influence Consider what type of person they are Generate options to address your goal Explore the options in more detail Develop plans Implement effectively Review outcomes with person

  12. Scheme Management Run as a business Develop Marketing Plan Annual Budget Highlight Success Factors High Quality Reporting Quality Evaluations

  13. Reward - v – Non Reward Dependant on culture of organisation Does rewarding give wrong message? How much do you need to award? Easier to start with no rewards and add if needed Possible to give recognition instead Don’t forget tax laws?

  14. Develop a Marketing Plan What will you do and when will you do it? Focused campaigns Become a ‘Spin Doctor’ Review and review again Try new and quirky approaches Don’t be afraid to publish your plan

  15. Develop a Budget How much will it cost? When will the spend take place Awards / Marketing / Networking Costs to be added Good Quality Budget will enable an accurate ROI to be calculated

  16. Highlight Success Publicity – Every award made ‘ Big Fanfare’ Recognise evaluators Recognise serial suggestors Senior Management team involved in success Use Intranet / Posters / Peer Recognition Remember – Success breeds Success

  17. Quality Reporting Total ideas submitted Total ideas implemented Average evaluation time Return on investment League Table – Identify poor performers e.g. Departments / Evaluators Better to have too much information available than too little!

  18. Top Tips for an ideas programme Keep it simple! Recognition, Recognition, Recognition! Don’t forget feedback Involve submitter where possible Highlight success Reporting to management team is crucial Don’t be afraid to change the scheme if it is not working

  19. Questions