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OEF/OIF/OND Health & Benefits Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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OEF/OIF/OND Health & Benefits Overview

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OEF/OIF/OND Health & Benefits Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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VA. OEF/OIF/OND Health & Benefits Overview. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). OEF/OIF/OND Program. Programs located at all VA Medical Centers. VISN 11 VA Medical Centers in the “Mitten”. VISN 12 VA Medical Centers in the “U.P.”. Iron Mountain (Oscar G Johnson VAMC).

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Health & Benefits


oef oif ond program

Programs located at all VA Medical Centers

visn 12 va medical centers in the u p
VISN 12 VA Medical Centers in the “U.P.”

Iron Mountain (Oscar G Johnson VAMC)

demographics michigan
Demographics: Michigan

Total Veterans: 660,773

Total male Veterans: 610,652

Total female Veterans: 50,121 Sep 2013

characteristics of oef oif ond population
Characteristics of OEF/OIF/OND Population
  • Younger (18-29)– joined military for reasons of:
  • Patriotism – post 9-11
  • National need
  • Family history
  • Education and career training
  • Need for comradeship and guidance
  • 65-70% have had multiple deployments creating major disruptions to their families and careers
  • Many come home to experience relationship problems, re-employment problems, financial distress and other domestic issues.
  • Smaller segment of older (29-50) individuals with similar but different needs – many have more resources so financial problems and/or employment issues are not as prevalent – relationship issues exist as does a powerful desire to maintain military career status
oef oif ond
  • 1,791,420 Veterans have become eligible for

VA health care since 2002 --

  • Of the total: 59% are former Active Duty

and 41% are National Guard or Reservists

  • 92% of Veterans seen at VA have been outpatients and ~7% have been hospitalized at least once in a VA health care facility

VA Healthcare Utilization – Cumulative from 1st quarter 2002, to 2nd QTR FY2014

national data on diagnoses among oef oif ond veterans
National Data on Diagnoses among OEF/OIF/OND Veterans

Diseases of Musculoskeletal System 60.0%

Mental Disorders 56.1%

Signs/symptoms of Ill Defined 55.8%

Nervous system/Sensory 48.7%

Digestive system 37.1%

Endocrine/Nutritional systems 36.3%

Injury/Poisonings 31.3%

national data on diagnoses cont
National Data on Diagnoses cont.
  • Top 7 on previous slide
  • Remainder of the most common medical problems range from Respiratory system (28.3%) to infectious/parasitic and neoplasms that are in lower or single percentages (4.6 to 1.6%)
  • What we see locally mirrors the national statistics --
  • Muscle/joint problems –
  • MH problems –
  • Hard to define or multi symptom presentations

VA Health Care Utilization among OEF/OIF/OND Veterans, Cumulative from 1st Qtr. FY 2002 to 2nd Qtr., FY2014.

health issues
Health Issues
  • “Nothing is pure” with this group – very seldom see one stand alone medical problem -
  • Comorbid conditions are the norm --
  • Musculoskeletal Problems + psychosocial or mental health problems of anxiety, depression and PTSD are very common –(approximately 85% of service members present with this combination)
  • Musculoskeletal problems of back, hips, neck, shoulders are believed to be caused by the weight of battle gear + other equipment

> Mental health symptoms are thought to impact service members for a variety of reasons: multiple deployments, no or little down time (constant vigilance), no front line (who is the enemy), different tactics (IED’s & secondary devices) –Service Members must develop keen skills to survive and many of these adaptations do not subside when returning home

basic healthcare eligibility
Basic Healthcare Eligibility
  • 24 continuous months (unless discharged for hardship, injury)
  • Discharged under conditions other than dishonorable
enrollment requirements
Enrollment Requirements

What We Need From You

  • DD-214 copy
  • VA Form 10-10EZ
veterans of operations enduring freedom iraqi freedom new dawn
Veterans of Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, & New Dawn

VA provides enhanced enrollment opportunity and five years of cost-free health care to veterans who served in a theater of combat operations, for any injury or illness associated with this service

veterans of operations enduring freedom iraqi freedom new dawn1
Veterans of Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, & New Dawn

The five year window of care starts over with each additional deployment to a theater of combat operations

non service related issues
Non-Service RelatedIssues
  • Veterans who experience Non-Service related illness/injuries Post Deployment may be charged a co-pay at VA for treatment of these conditions i.e. flu, colds, auto accident
women veteran programs
Women Veteran Programs
  • Women Veterans may receive
    • full continuum of medical benefits package
    • women’s family planning and birth control, gender-specific health care, e.g. hormone replacement therapy, breast and GYN care, maternity, limited infertility
    • Special considerations
      • Each VAMC has a Women Veterans Program Manager
medical benefits
Medical Benefits
  • Combat Deployment Screening
  • Primary Care Services
  • Prescription Services
  • Mental Health
  • Optometry
  • Audiology
  • Speech Pathology
  • Neurology
  • Dermatology & Wound Care
  • Physical Medicine & Rehab (KT, PT, OT,

Spinal Cord Injury)

airborne hazards
Airborne Hazards
  • “Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry”
  • Veterans of Southwest Asia theater of operations after Aug 2, 1990 (ODS)
  • OEF/OIF/OND or in Djibouti, Africa after Sep 11, 2001
  • Register:
  • To learn more OR call 1-877-222-8387

Serving Combat Veterans

Contact Information

616-285-5795 FAX 616-285-5898

vet center services

Vet Center Staff include Combat Veterans

(Veterans serving Veterans)

Individual Counseling

Group Counseling

Military Sexual Trauma Counseling

Marital/Family Counseling

Bereavement Counseling

Drug and Alcohol Referral

Liaison with VA & Community Resources

Benefits Assistance Referral

Community Education and Career Referral


VBA Benefits & Services

  • Compensation
  • Education
  • Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment
  • Life Insurance
  • Home Loan Guaranty

National Cemeteries

  • Burial for Veteran and Spouse
  • Headstone, Flag, and perpetual care
  • Nationwide Gravesite Locator
  • 800-535-1117 or

Local VA Contacts

VA Medical Center (VHA):

1-800-214-1247 Battle Creek VAMC Toll Free

269-966-5600 x35308 OEF/OIF/OND Program

269-966-5600 x36451 TPA (Mick)

Vet Center:

616-285-5795 Grand Rapids Vet Center

VA Regional Office (VBA):

1-800-827-1000 Detroit Regional Office


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Thank You