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National Horticulture Mission

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National Horticulture Mission - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Horticulture Mission. Rajasthan Horticulture Development Society Directorate of Horticulture, Krishi Bhawan, Jaipur . Rajasthan. Rajasthan. Rajasthan has extremes of temperatures from sub zero in winter to above 45 degrees centigrade in summer

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National Horticulture Mission

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national horticulture mission
National Horticulture Mission

Rajasthan Horticulture Development Society

Directorate of Horticulture, Krishi Bhawan, Jaipur



  • Rajasthan has extremes of temperatures from sub zero in winter to above 45 degrees centigrade in summer
  • Rainfall highly variable – Range 15 to 90 cms.
  • 3 out of 5 years affected by drought


PresentScenario …


Area in Lac ha & Production in Lac MT

* Departmental estimates

comments on the observation made by goi
Comments on the observation made by GOI


Original plan : Rs 146.50 Crore

Revised plan : Rs 143.30 Crore

Creation of water resources components reduced

new area coverage under nhm during previous three years
New area coverage under NHM during previous three years



Total – 46417 ha.

Fruits – 13852 ha. Spices – 27166 ha.

Flowers – 2713 ha.

M & A Plants – 2686 ha.



Rs. in crores

Physical and financial programme for the activities proposed to be taken up during 2008-09

new proposals for 2008 09
New proposals for 2008-09


Development of Nurseries

1. Public Sector



2. Private Sector {<}




Availability of planting material

Plants Lac Nos



Planting material arrangement : Strategy



Development of Horticulture through rain water harvesting:

Fluctuations in area & prod. due to frequent drought conditions, We want to bring stability through rain water harvesting based fruit plantations having drought proofing power

  • Over exploiting ground water in almost all blocks of the state
    • Safe- 32
    • Semi critical- 14
    • Critical- 50
    • Over exploited –140 dark zones
  • All 32 districts are endemic to fluoride problem
  • 25 districts are affected by salinity
  • Underground water quality is deteriorating (19%in 1991 to 25% in 2003)
  • Most of the soils are loamy fine to coarse sands, productive under irrigated

situations with adequate fertilizers


Rapidly depleting ground Water:


Total 237 blocks,

Over exploited –140 (Dark zones),

Rest critical



  • Area to be treated – 3000 ha.
  • Total no. of water resources- 300 Nos
  • Requirement of funds – 30.00 crores


protected cultivation
Protected cultivation:



  • State government made provision of additional subsidy for green house construction. Now subsidy available for green house in the State is:
    • 75 % for SF/MF farmers instead of 50% under NHM
    • 50 % for other farmers instead of 33% under NHM
organic farming
Organic Farming:



Capitalize on the naturally growing organic produce

Linked with Internal Control System & Certification

Began in 2005-06 – 466 ha area, 825 ha in 2006-07 & 1290

ha in 2007-08


technology dissemination through front line demonstration
Technology dissemination through Front line demonstration:


To conduct front line demonstrations – at SAU;s

  • Demonstration of Hi-tech horticulture practices for flowers,

fruits, vegetables in open fields & Green house cultivation

  • Demonstrative unit - primary processing & PHM

of perishables

  • Technology dissemination & training

Rs.200.00 lac

Collaborators : Rajasthan Agriculture University, Bikaner

MaharanaPratap University of Agriculture & Technology, Udaipur.



Technical support Group



Mission management and Innovative programme



  • Name & Number of districts approved in
  • 2005-06, 2006-07 & 2007-08:
market linkages aez s and commodity markets
Market linkages: AEZ’s and Commodity Markets



Two AEZ’s for cumin and coriander

19 commodity specific markets

- AEZ’s



Physical and financial progress achieved during previous three years


green house
Green House:



innovative proposal 1 horticulture equipment implements
Innovative Proposal :1. Horticulture equipment/ Implements


  • To control the insect pest, Modern PP equipments are to be provided to the farmers on subsidized rates
  • For training, pruning and removing of unwanted growth financial assistance is proposed on horticulture implements
  • To impart intercultural operations in fruit orchards, small tractors are also to be popularised among the farmers to enhance the productivity of the fruit crops
  • Backpack sprayer, Power sprayer, Foot sprayer, Tractor/trolley mounted power sprayer, Horticulture tools, Small Tractor for intercultural operations in orchards etc. will be provided to the farmers
  • The assistance will be given @ 50% of total cost of equipment/ Small Tractor / tools subject to ceiling of Rs. 10000/- per beneficiary.
  • During the year 2008-09, a financial provision of Rs.50.00 lacs has been kept for distribution of equipments/ tools.
innovative proposal 2 distribution of drying spices sheets
Innovative Proposal : 2. Distribution of Drying Spices Sheets


  • Rajasthan contributes more than 50% of national production of seed spices
  • State is leading producer of coriander, cumin & fenugreek
  • Spices farmers are not adopting hygienic conditions during threshing
  • Many times heavy losses occurs and quality of the produce also gets spoiled
  • Farmers could not get attractive prices in domestic as well as international market
  • Distribution of plastic sheets for drying/ threshing of seed spices rather than to dry on ground may help in getting remunerative prices
distribution of drying spices sheets
Distribution of Drying Spices Sheets:


  • Technical specifications for drying spices sheets:
  • Five layered polythene sheet (6X8 meter),
  • 250 GSM (gram per square meter),
  • Color-Black
  • Both sides coated specially with reinforced HDPE fabric heavy duty 5 layers

rigged with tear resistance strength,

  • Heat sealed edge reinforced with rope and humid with minimum 25 mm

overlap fitted with eyelets 120 cm apart all round out to sizes

  • Financial assistance proposed:
  • 50 % of cost limited to Rs. 1000/- per sheet (6x8 mtr)
  • Maximum assistance admissible per beneficiary will be Rs. 5000.
  • For distribution of drying spices sheets and construction of cemented drying yards, a sum of Rs. 50.00 lacs is proposed for the year 2008-09.