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Altrua healthshare

Altrua healthshare

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Altrua healthshare

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  1. Altrua healthshare Update for 2019

  2. Is health sharing still a viable option? • As the insurance debacle continues to spiral into the unknown, Health Care Sharing, continues adjust to the needs of consumers that are looking for true alternatives • Health Care Sharing Memberships have grown to almost 2 million members over the past 36 months • Health Care Providers are beginning to take notice of the HCSM services and becoming more and more open to the concept of Health Care Sharing • Financial stability within the HCSM have become stronger then ever before, while providing greater benefits at a 1/3 of what typical marketplace premiums cost • Sharing percentages have doubled over the past several years and in the case of Altrua Healthshare it’s in-house negotiation team saved it’s members in 2017, 81% average on their medical bills

  3. Exploring the Altrua Health Sharing Option Altrua HealthShare has gone through a major transformation to do a better job of handling growth as well as conforming to the needs of the consumer and agents offering the membership plans. To ensure a smoother operation Altrua’s, and its administrative company, Crown Administrators, has implemented the following: • $2 million in systems overhaul, automating all systems • Upgraded enrollment platform directly into our Salesforce system • Building out new claims app system to fully auto-adjudicate • New member portal • Building a member mobile app to launch Jan 1st • Successful monthly member contribution at 98% • Possible commission payouts in 45 days of member effective date in 2019 • Removed trip wires in guidelines opening up shared programs • Many more features

  4. Altrua Membership Types GOLD SILVER Monthly Contribution Request for Altrua Standard BRONZE *Member Responsibility Amount (Out of Pocket) **Females 40 and older/Males 50 and older get 1 additional office visit for wellness screenings Affiliated Provider: PHCS network (Limitations & Pre-X do not apply to office visits) If your family is larger than five, add $50 more for each additional family member. If husband and wife are both participating, “head-of-household” is based on the older spouse’s age.

  5. Altrua Copper Plan ($7,500 MRA) • No age banding for Copper Membership • $100 application fee for Copper Membership. Ministry Fee of $25 and annual membership fee of $100 applies to Copper Membership • Dependents over 23 must apply for individual plan • All eligibility, guidelines and Statement of Standards apply • Each additional member is $50 per month

  6. Altrua vs. Typical Insurance • Average Premium Cost family for a family of 5: $1675 monthly • Altrua Contribution cost family of 5: $538 monthly (Gold Standard) Here is how Altrua is able to save money: • Instead of taking a profit like Major Medical insurance Altrua is a coop with no profit: Savings $500 • We reduce the cost of healthcare by admitting new members with a healthy lifestyle: Savings $200 • We reduce the cost of healthcare by pre selecting facilities that charge a reasonable fee: Savings $200 • We reduce the cost of healthcare by negotiating claims, with an average discount of 86%: Savings $300

  7. Plan Changes Altrua Healthshare is moving to the full PHCS network and no longer just the Practitioner network. This opens up a tremendous number of providers for the members. Adding influenza immunization for all membership plans up to $30.00 reimbursements per immunization Member must be active for 12 consecutive months, death certificate, official cause of death and must be eligible under the Membership Guidelines, Proof of payment up to the maximum sharing limit of $5,000 per household or member. Added a wellness partner that will allow 10 visits for mental health, counseling, weight management, etc. that Altrua does not share in. This will be a good marketing tool for pushing a healthier mind and body. Will include discounts for vision and dental. And be included in all plan types.

  8. Plan Changes Include Recreational in certain membership plan types: The Recreational Limit includes eligible medical needs arising from interscholastic, intercollegiate, and community- or church-organized team sports or programs and extreme sports. $25K on the Gold and $15K on the Silver annually. Include Occupational in certain membership plan types: The Occupational Limit includes sharing of medical needs related to income-producing or work-related activities up to a cap for each plan. $15K on the Gold and $10K on the Silver annually. Adjustments to verbiage in Statement of Standards Remove Fulltime Student and Fulltime Service Volunteer status requirement as of 1/1/19 and allow up to 23th birthday Group enrollment and plan in conjunction with McGriff (formally Regions Ins) group to exempt employer

  9. Memberships are Available in all 50 states and US territories