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New On Stack Emission Monitoring Technology. m /ixa. Content. Emission Monitoring – why? Monitoring Technologies Experience Gained Emission Monitoring - System Requirements Technology respons Future Of Emission Monitoring.

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New on stack emission monitoring technology

New On Stack

Emission Monitoring Technology


Emission Monitoring – why?

Monitoring Technologies

Experience Gained

Emission Monitoring - System Requirements

Technology respons

Future Of Emission Monitoring

Emission monitoring why
Emission Monitoring – why?

Main drivers:

Energy optimisation

Environmental soundness

Meeting regulations

  • Shipping is the primary mode of transportation

  • NOx, SOx and PM from shipping is a significant portion of global emission

  • Human health & crops are seriously affected by NOx, SOx and PM

  • To reduce, control and manage NOx, SOx and PM emission various technologies will be implemented in the coming years.

  • Thus emission monitoring will be part of the solution

  • CO2

    NO - NO2 - PM

    CO - H2O – SO2

    New on stack emission monitoring technology

    Monitoring Technologies – Schematic

    Visualization& Reporting

    Gas sampling at stack

    Mulitplexing(several lines)

    Initial gas conditioning

    Final gas conditioning

    Transport (sampling line)

    Gas analysis

    New on stack emission monitoring technology

    Monitoring Technologies – Sampling

    Extractive CEM Systems

    • Cold extractive

    • Hot extractive

    • Dilution systems

      In-situ CEM systems

    • Cross stack light based systems

    • Probe and point based systems

    Gas sampling at stack

    Initial gas conditioning

    Transport (sampling line)

    Monitoring technologies analyzing methods
    Monitoring Technologies – Analyzing Methods

    • Chemiluminescece (CLD)

    • UV fluorescence

    • Non Dispersive Infra Red (NDIR)

    • Electrochemical cells

    • Lased Detection (TLD & QCL)

    • Zirconium oxide sensors (ZrO2)

    Mulitplexing(several lines)

    Final gas conditioning

    Gas analysis

    Experience gained cld
    Experience gained CLD

    Proven technology (reference method)

    Require sample & conditioning systems

    Slow response time

    Can only measure NO not NOx

    High consumable & maintenance requirements

    A/C unit will normally be required

    Total high cost of ownership

    Experience gained zro2
    Experience gained ZrO2

    Well-proven – cost effective technology developed for the automotive industry.

    Real-time measurement with no delays from sample lines, multiplexing, coolers and converters

    Easy installation, operation and maintenance

    Total low cost of ownership

    Measure only NOx and O2, no other gases

    Sensor degradation by SO2

    Emission monitoring system requirements
    Emission Monitoring – System Requirements

    • Robust online measurement

    • Simple - No conditioning or gas transport

    • Direct - Accurate Hot gas Measurement

    • Adaptable to increasing regulation

    • Low maintenance

    • Low cost of ownership

    • Certified to MARPOL annex Vl

    Patented ir principle
    Patented IR Principle

    • Correlated suspect/reference

    • Superior ambient & source artifact immunity – pressure, temperature…

    • Robust measurement

    Patented & Patents Pending

    Thermally de coupling the optical sensor
    Thermally de-coupling the optical sensor

    • Patented concept of thermally de-coupling optical path sight-tubes

    • Effective thermal de-coupling enables hi-temp measurement

    • Wide-band IR transmission

    • Gas filled for undisturbed transmission

    • De-focused optical system mitigating spot contamination on optics

    Patented & Patents Pending

    Patented gas flow chamber
    Patented Gas Flow Chamber

    • Vortex-flow chamber for undisturbed optical gas measurement

    • Structured gas flow for avoidance of residuals in optical path

    • Intrinsic cleaning effect on sight-glasses

    • Particles held away from optical path center-line

    Patented & Patents Pending

    Patented optical path protection
    Patented optical path protection

    • IR transmissive nano-coated sight-glasses

    • Contaminant repellent

    • Super hydrophobic

    • Heat & Corrosion resistant

    Patented & Patents Pending

    Combustion emission sensor system
    Combustion Emission Sensor System

    • Modular sensor system

    • Direct and continuous measurement

    • Hot/Wet combustion gasses

    • Configurable for exact gas measurement needs

    • All core technologies patented

    Patented & Patents Pending

    Future of emissions monitoring
    Future of emissions monitoring

    • The world depends on shipping, but emissions must be reduced

    • Global and local regulation will reduce emission

    • Multiple emissions mitigation technologies will be implemented

    • The operation of emissions mitigation systems should be optimized

    • The effect should be documented

    • Online emissions monitoring is part of efficient shipping

    New on stack emission monitoring technology

    Thank you for your attentionPoul K. Sørensen, Green Instruments A/S pks@greeninstruments.comHenrik G. Moos, Danfoss IXA A/