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Online Strategic Systems Corp and Muir Software Present MORE OFX Requestor

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Online Strategic Systems Corp and Muir Software Present MORE OFX Requestor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online Strategic Systems Corp and Muir Software Present MORE OFX Requestor. Agenda. Introduction to OSS and Muir Software Overview of OFX Overview of MORE Product Muir Customers & References Unique Competitive Benefits of MORE Professional Services, Support and Maintenance

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Presentation Transcript

Online Strategic Systems Corp

and Muir Software


MORE OFX Requestor

  • Introduction to OSS and Muir Software
  • Overview of OFX
  • Overview of MORE Product
  • Muir Customers & References
  • Unique Competitive Benefits of MORE
  • Professional Services, Support and Maintenance
  • Packaging and Offerings
  • Conclusion
introductions background
Introductions & Background
  • Muir Software
    • Nevada and Silicon-Valley based software developer
    • Delivering XML-based systems since the late 1980s
    • Acknowledged Pioneer of XML and OFX systems
      • Delivered 1st production OFX server in 1997—still running at Schwab
      • Muir’s MOSS product powers some of the highest profile OFX systems
      • Now introducing MORE Requestor product for n-Tier systems
  • Online Strategic Systems
    • Dallas-based software developer and professional services firm
    • 2004 Consolidation of several complementary existing firms
      • 10+ years ongoing operations, trusted by long-term, loyal customers
      • Specializing in payment transactions and loans processing
      • Principals experienced with providing solutions to the largest and most demanding world-wide banks, credit-card and retailer customers
open financial exchange ofx
Open Financial Exchange (OFX)
  • Specifications for the electronic exchange of financial transaction data among:
      • Financial Institutions such as banks and securities firms
      • Service Providers such as bill payment and funds transfer services
      • Personal and Business Customers and business partners
      • Created in 1997 by consortium of Microsoft, Intuit and CheckFree together with Schwab, working with Cindy Norman of Muir
  • 1st Production Site was Charles Schwab - 1997
  • XML based standard see
  • Broadly accepted, thousands of sites
  • Extended over time, supports trans-sets for:
      • Investment transactions - Security Quotes
      • bank statement, checks & transfers - interbank & wire-transfer requests
      • bill presentation & payment - credit card statement downloads
      • Tax Form download (W2 & 1099) - mortgage data
  • Current version of OFX is 2.0.2
classic example use of ofx
Classic Example use of OFX
  • 1000s of Commercial Banks use OFX to communicate with their personal and small business customers’ PC-based accounting and/or personal finance applications
emerging example use of ofx

XML OFX Requests 

XML OFX Responses

Emerging Example use of OFX
  • “n-tier” server-based applications are now beginning to use OFX to communicate to banks and other services as requestors to access account information to be used either in the application itself or delivered later to the end-user customer.




Server-Based applications, such as

tax, accounting or account aggregation

Bank or Other

Servicer’s OFX server

PC or network device accessing server-based application

muir s ofx request enabler more
Muir’s OFX Request Enabler - MORE
  • This is the overall view
  • Next, let us show more detail for the left side: “Application running..MORE” -- we use a financial planning service application as an example

Upstream OFX Servers(e.g. Schwab, Merrill, Options Xpress)




Web Server



Application Running MORE

  • Financial Planner requests update from Client App/GUI
  • Client App delivers Customer Data to MORE (e.g. login info)
  • MORE sends requests to all FIs on behalf of Customer Via in-house Web Server
  • Web Server forwards requests via Internet
  • Customer data is returned via Internet to Web Server
  • Web Server passed response back to MORE
  • MORE responds to Client App with easily consumable data
  • Client App returns information to Financial Planner via GUI

Fin Planner’s Server Environment

Client App










more detail
MORE Detail

MORE works by:

  • Receiving a transaction request (via api call) from the application together with application-filled input data structures
  • Formatting (MORE generator) the appropriate OFX request message
  • Routing/managing the request to the target upstream server and receiving the OFX reply message via the Internet
  • Parsing (MORE parser) the reply data into data structures and returning this to caller

Fin Planner’s Server Environment

Client App



Web Server


MORE APIs & Data Structures








more integration
MORE Integration
  • MORE is delivered as a library to be compiled into the Client Application
  • “Calling” MORE within the Client App is accomplished by
    • Subclassing particular MORE methods
    • Writing the code to fill in the defined data by retrieving this data from wherever necessary (e.g. a Customer Data database)
    • Calling the overall MORE class constructor during run-time.
  • Retrieving MORE data (done after the updates have taken place from the Internet OFX response) is done by
    • Subclassing other, clearly defined MORE methods and
    • Adding the code to consume the data in whatever ways are necessary (e.g. updating the Customer Data database)
    • Calling these methods is handled by MORE
more example how to integrate
MORE Example –How to Integrate
  • This is an example header file defining what is needed to integrate into the Client App
  • The methods request() and consume() will be overloaded

class FISignonClass : public SignonClass




int request(); //function used to deliver customer data for login

int consume(); //function used to retrieve updatted customer info


virtual ~FISignonClass(); //destructor

virtual string getMember(void *memberName); //get any value in the classs


more example defined data structures
MORE Example “Defined Data” Structures

class SignonClass : public RootInheritanceClass


typedef struct _FIType

{ string ORG;

string FID;

} FIType;

typedef struct _outputData_struct

{ string DateServer;

string ProtocolLanguage;

string DateLastProfileUpdated;

string DateLastAccountUpdate;

FIType FI;

} inputData_struct;

typedef struct _inputData_struct

{ string UserID;

string UserPassword;

string ProtocolLanguage;

string ApplicationID;

string ApplicationVersion;

} outputData_struct;




inputData_struct inputData;

outputData_struct outputData;



virtual ~SignonClass();

virtual int consume(); //fill in inputData structure in here

virtual int request(); //pick off updatted info from this method

  • The inputData structure is filled in by the Client App in the request() method (definitions of all data is thoroughly documented)
  • The updatted customer information will be available in the outputData structure accessible in the consume() method.
more integration no hidden complexity
MORE Integration - No Hidden Complexity
  • Integration of MORE has been carefully engineered to hide all internal complexities.
  • The ability for customization is inherent in our design.
  • Muir Software/OSS Customers average 1-4 days of integration per OFX function (e.g. an example OFX function would be downloading brokerage transactions for a given period.)
  • We test our software. Muir Software has never received a bug related support call after that customer has gone “live” with any of our products.
muir customers and references
Muir Customers and References
  • End-User Customers
      • Charles Schwab • OptionsXpress • Los Alamos National Bank •Etc…
  • Processors
      • First Data • CheckFree • SensCom • Etc…
  • Software & Solutions Providers using MOSS™
      • Protogent – BrokerAudit • ITQ LATA
      • Advent Software • BancTec • Etc…
  • OFX Vendor Leaders referencing Muir/MOSS™
      • Intuit • Microsoft
more unique competitive benefits
MORE Unique Competitive Benefits
  • Focused on doing one thing very well: providing a superb, reliable OFX Layer
    • Can extend to generate other XML transactions from DTDs
  • Software platform/environment Independent
    • Integrates without creating new system needs and constraints
  • Needs no ongoing, expert sysadmin attention
  • VALUE LEADER for tier-1 OFX products
  • MORE Supports
    • entire range of OFX functions – you choose transaction sets
    • all versions of the OFX Specification with upward compatibility
  • Designed & supported for Ease of Integration
    • By Customer using in-house resources with phone support
    • By OSS/Muir professional services project-team assistance
services support and maintenance
Services, Support and Maintenance
  • MORE comes with a standard 90 day warranty
  • MORE standard maintenance is 18% of list license price, paid annually in advance
  • MORE is delivered with documentation enabling normally skilled personnel to implement it
  • Ranges of implementation options offered:
    • Bundled services offerings on a “full project” basis
    • Consultative support to Customers own team
    • “Ad-Hoc” on-call support always available
  • OSS offers a retainer-based ongoing services package to support customer’s site evolution
implementation packaging and offerings
Implementation Packaging and Offerings
  • Customers can choose from among:
    • Ad-Hoc, on-call support, paid “by the drink”
    • Prepaid blocks of support and consultation for use as needed
    • Bundled packages of consultation/support for Cust.’s team
    • Professional services attachments directly to Cust.’s project
  • Typical specially-packaged install bundles
    • Package 1 – “expert safety-net”
      • Onsite “pre-install” project and design plan review by OSS expert
      • “bundle” of technical phone and email support hours
      • Conference call attendance in project status & review meetings
      • Onsite post-implementation review and follow-on recommendations
    • Package 2 – “expert assistance”
      • Onsite design and planning consultation to Customer’s team
      • Partially onsite expert assistance in actual implementation & certification
      • Project & status meeting participation, post-implementation reviews
contact us
Contact Us

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