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Campaigning for the Earth. 4000Z020 林羽彤 4000Z025 林芳瑀 4000Z031 孫建安 4000Z050 陳雯慧 4000Z070 郭沛甯. First Paragraph-words and phrases. gesture -signal, sign, motion, movement 手勢 字首 : gest 傳送 字根 : ure 動作 non-violent - 非暴力的 ; 字首 :non - 非 nuclear test - central 核心的 , 中心 的

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Campaigning for the earth

Campaigning for the Earth

4000Z020 林羽彤

4000Z025 林芳瑀


4000Z050 陳雯慧

4000Z070 郭沛甯

First paragraph words and phrases
First Paragraph-words and phrases

gesture -signal, sign, motion, movement 手勢

字首: gest傳送字根:ure動作

non-violent -非暴力的 ;

字首:non -非

nuclear test - central核心的, 中心的

Journalists - newspaperman,reporter,

commentator,columnist新聞工作者, 新聞記者

字根: ist專家

opposition - to oppose; to be against反對; 反抗; 對抗[(+to)]

字首: op 反面 ; posit放置 ; 字根: ion- 行為

staged -to produce; to cause to happen  改編成舞臺劇的

字首: sta站立 ; 字根:(a)ge場所

Main ideas of the first paragraph
Main ideas of the first paragraph

A non-violent protest happened in 1971 was to stop the nuclear test conducted by the USA.

Despite the protests, the US refused to change its plans to conduct the nuclear test in Amchitka.

Second paragraph words and phrases 1
Second Paragraph-words and phrases(1)

Inhabitant 居民Inhabit居住於ant名詞字尾

imminent 即將發生

Tremendous 巨大的

suffering 受苦suffer受苦ing名詞;結果

Wide - scale 寬大的規模

destruction 毀滅de 離開;低下;完全;否定

crater 火山口

voyage 航海日記

succeed in 順利完成

Second paragraph words and phrases 2
Second Paragraph-words and phrases(2)

demonstration 證明de 離開;低下;完全;否定

positive 確定的

out come 結果

Out 出外come 達到

World wide 全球

Non-profit: 非營利的 (non-拉丁語,非,不)(profit 利益,益處)

Non 非;否 profit 營利

Movement 移動

Move 移動ment名詞結尾

M ain ideas of the second paragraph
Main ideas of the second paragraph

The voyage of the Phyllis Cormack did not succeed in stopping the nuclear test, but this demonstration did have a very positive outcome.

It attracted world wide attention and gave birth to the international movement called Greenpeace.

Third paragraph words of phrases
Third paragraph-words of phrases

Greenpeace: 綠色和平組織

headquarters: 總部(n.) headquarter:沒加s,設立總部(v.)

directors: 主管,董事,局長➜directorship主管

agenda: 議程 , ➜ag字根:to do

representatives: 典型,代表物,代表,代理人

concerns: 關係,關心的事,重要的事


fragile: 脆弱的=to break

deserve: 應受,值得➜de完全,加強+serv服侍,服務+e(v.)

committed: 忠誠的,堅定的➜believing strongly in sth

confrontations: 對抗的,對質,比較➜a clash,conflict

activists:➜a person who acts for a cause 行動主義者,激進分子

Main ideas of the third paragraph
Main ideas of the third paragraph

Greenpeace representatives meet each year to discuss environmental issues of the global community.

The fragile earth needs solutions, change,and action and Greenpeace is determined on making the public aware of environmental abuses.

Fourth paragraph words and phrases 1
Fourth Paragraph--words and phrases(1)

working in 致力於

significant 重要;值得注意的

threat 威脅;凶兆;徵兆

environment 環境。

「en」表示”使”、”使成為”、”使處於”。置於形容詞或名詞之後表示”變為…” 。


radiation 輻射。


chemical 化學的

contaminants 汙染物。


Fourth paragraph words and phrases 2
Fourth Paragraph--words and phrases(2)

initial 最初的;初步。



against 對照

nuclear 原子核的


demonstrated 證明;顯示


firm 穩固的;堅定的

commitment 承諾



Fourth paragraph words and phrases 3
Fourth Paragraph--words and phrases(3)

production 生產



aims 將…針對;目標;目的

eliminate 排除;消除

toxic 有毒的




Main ideas of the fourth paragraph
Main ideas of the Fourth paragraph

Greenpeace is currently working in 6 major areas (6 concerns) where there is significant threat to the environment .

Greenpeace stands firm in itscommitment to end the production and use of nuclear weapons and eliminate toxic chemicals that are released into the environment (the first two concerns).

Fifth paragraph words and phrases
Fifth Paragraph-words and phrases

concern 關係到;涉及


posed 造成;引起

genetically 從基因方面

engineered 策畫;建造


published 出版;發行


consumers 消費者


rating 評價;等級

companies 公司。


willingness 自願;樂意。



Ain ideas of the fifth paragraph
ain ideas of the Fifthparagraph

This paragraph talks about the threat posed to the environment by genetically engineered food ingredients, which cause irreversible biological pollution and many types of health risks (the third concern).

Sixth paragraph words and phrases
Sixth Paragraph-words and phrases

  • Marine (adj.) 海的;海生的;海產的

    「Mar/i」有sea, pool的意思。

  • Commercial (adj.) 商業的;商務的


  • Engage in (ph.) 從事於;忙於

    「En」pref. 表示"使","使成為","使處於...狀態"。

Ain ideas of the sixth paragraph
ain ideas of the Sixth paragraph

One item of Greenpeace agenda is the protection of marine life (the fourth concern).

Another item of Greenpeace agenda is to make people realize the effect of global warming (the fifth concern)

Seventh paragraph words and phrases
Seventh Paragraph-words and phrases

  • Preserving (v.) 保護;維護

  • 「Pre-」有前、在前、預先的意思。

  • Urgent (adj.) 緊急的;急迫的

  • Logger (n.) 樵夫;伐木工 a person who cuts down trees for a living.


Ain ideas of the seventh paragraph
ain ideas of the Seventhparagraph

Greenpeace actively supports measures that will protect the remaining ancient forests of the world (the sixth concern).