your guide to knowing what is asthma n.
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Your guide to knowing what is asthma PowerPoint Presentation
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Your guide to knowing what is asthma

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Your guide to knowing what is asthma - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your guide to knowing what is asthma

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  1. Your guide to knowing what is asthma

  2. Introduction • Being able to lead a comfortable life while we are young and able and then moving on to a healthy old age are the kind of small dreams that most of us nurture in the heart of our hearts, while a lot of us would ideally be able to achieve the dream, there are those who would end up not as lucky and they are the ones who might have to face health issues. • The health problem tend to appear in different forms and varied issues.

  3. What is Asthma • In pursuit of knowing about the problems that one has to face during the breathing disorder, it is important to understand what is asthma. • Asthma is a disease that affects the lungs and the bronchial passage and the respiratory system on the whole. • Anyone who suffers from asthma is prone to feeling easily fatigued, breathless on physical exertion and even short of breath when they are exposed to certain conditions such as exposure to pollution, cold climates or dusty regions.

  4. Asthma Symptoms • Knowing about the breathing disorder is much simpler if you were aware of the asthma symptoms which include feeling breathless as the commonest symptom, to feeling tired and increasingly fatigued or the feeling of suffocation. • A lot of patients of asthma can also experience continuous bouts of cough and this could be dry or with phlegm, there are also those who experience irritation of the nasal canal and the bronchial tube, in which case they tend to experience the feeling of an itchy nose or throat.

  5. Asthma Specialist • When you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms, it becomes important to meet an asthma specialist who is able to help you in ruling out or confirming your doubts. • Even if the problem is on a minute level and you feel silly going to a specialist about it, the truth is that the sooner you approach a specialist, the better results you get from your treatment.

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