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Digital PMP’s in Inform. Logging On. Open Mozilla Firefox from your computer desktop Go to and click on the link to log into Insight/Inform. Selecting a Student. In the black navigation bar at the top, click on Inform.

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Logging on
Logging On

  • Open Mozilla Firefox from your computer desktop

  • Go to and click on the link to log into Insight/Inform

Selecting a student
Selecting a Student

  • In the black navigation bar at the top, click on Inform.

  • On the right side of the screen, there is a magnifying glass; click on it, type a student’s name in the pop-up box, then click “search.”

Another way to select a student
Another Way to Select a Student

  • You must be in a TEACHER’S context.

  • Click on “Students” and then the “Greater Than” symbol on the left-hand side of the page.

  • This will open a panel with a list of student names. Simply click on a name to view their information.

Finding the pmp for the student
Finding the PMP for the Student

  • Once you click on the student’s name, it will open a 3 panel screen.

Helpful hints
Helpful Hints

  • Give the program a few minutes to generate the information.

  • By clicking on the “less than” symbol on the left, you will collapse the panel of names, and give you more space to view the PMP.

More helpful hints very important
More Helpful Hints (Very Important)

  • There are 4 boxes on each PMP. In the right-hand corner of each box, there is a small rectangle. To open the box for a bigger view, click on the rectangle.

  • Once you open it, the rectangle becomes a DOUBLE rectangle. Click on the double rectangle to put the box back in place.

Viewing student test history
Viewing Student Test History

  • This is a 2-page box. The first page shows many of the assessments the student has taken, and whether they made a passing score or not.

Viewing student test history1
Viewing Student Test History

  • The second page of this box lists all of the Benchmarks and/or Standards for each test that was listed on page one, and if they passed or not.

Viewing charts and graphs
Viewing Charts and Graphs

  • The charts and graphs box in the bottom left-hand corner shows a graph of the assessments the student has taken, and a comparison with both the school and the district averages.

Viewing charts and graphs1
Viewing Charts and Graphs

  • Table View – Gives you all of the data in a table with comparisons between the student’s score, as well as school and district averages.

Student groups
Student Groups

  • This box will list all of the groups to which the student has been assigned; if there are none, you have the opportunity to assign the student to a group (see designated Quick Step Guide on slide 20).

Adding interventions in the pmp
Adding Interventions in the PMP

  • You can view the Interventions that have already been assigned to a student on this screen.

  • You can also ADD interventions to students on this screen.

  • You can edit the interventions, as well as delete the interventions.

  • You can also make notes about how the student is doing with that intervention.

  • Quick Step Guide for adding interventions to the PMP within the program is on slide 20.

Adding your own interventions
Adding Your Own Interventions

  • It is recommended that you do this BEFORE you work on your PMP’s.

  • Any interventions that you add to a student within the program, will automatically be added to their PMP. (see next slide)

Icons on the pmp interventions screen1
Icons on the PMP Interventions Screen

  • Edit an Intervention

Icons on the pmp interventions screen2
Icons on the PMP Interventions Screen

  • Adding Notes to an Intervention

Links to quick step guides
Links to Quick Step Guides

  • Quick Step Guide for Adding Interventions within the program

  • Quick Step Guide for Adding Student Groups within the program

  • Quick Step Guide for Finding Digital PMP’s in Inform

Goals and responsibilities2
Goals and Responsibilities

  • Responsibilities Icons

Goals and responsibilities3
Goals and Responsibilities

  • Adding Responsibilities

Printing the pmp
Printing the PMP

  • Click on the Blue Printer Icon on the top right-hand portion of the screen, and you will see a pop-up box. After preview, print.