how would sacagawea have dressed n.
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How Would Sacagawea Have Dressed? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Would Sacagawea Have Dressed?

How Would Sacagawea Have Dressed?

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How Would Sacagawea Have Dressed?

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  1. How Would Sacagawea Have Dressed? • It’s hard to tell exactly how Sacagawea would of dressed. But, we know a little bit. Sacagawea would of dressed like a Plains Indian. Her garment was made of two deerskins. The yoke, or top part, would have been painted a brownish gold, and, ornamented with a deer tail. Sacagawea also had a belt that was decorated with blue beads. Blue beads were a popular trade item, so were Porcupine quills. Native North Americans were the only people in the world to create art from Porcupine quills. Sacagawea had Porcupine quills on her belt. Sacagawea’s baby was in a cradleboard, what the Shoshone women used to carry babies. The Hidatsa women would rarely use a cradleboard. Your Friend, Tim

  2. How many Children did Sacagawea have? • Sacagawea had 2 children. Her first kid was John Baptiste. Her second kid was Lisette. Your Robot, Moby

  3. How do you pronounce Sacagawea's name? • Well you pronounce it like this Sah-Cah-Gah-We-Ah. Your Pal, Tim

  4. What Happened to Sacagawea’s Children When She Died? • Sacagawea died when she was only about 25 years old. She died due to what later medical researchers say was a serious illness she had suffered most of her adult life, maybe from Lesett’s birth. After Sacagawea died, Jean Baptist and Lissete both went to Orphan’s Court, were they were adopted by William Clark 8 months after Sacagawea’s death. Clark nicknamed Jean Baptist “Pomp” or “Pompey” for his “little dancing boy”. Jean Baptist was educated by William Clark. Then, at age 18, Jean Baptist was sent to Europe with a German Prince. Nobody knows if Lissete even survived past infancy. Your Friend, Moby

  5. Where was Sacagawea originally from? • She is originally from the Shoshone but when she was 12 she was kidnapped and taken to the Hidatsa. Your Robot, Moby