Securing success through authentic relationships
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Securing Success Through Authentic Relationships - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Securing Success Through Authentic Relationships. The Heritage Acres Story. It All Starts At the Farm. It All Starts At the Farm. Farmer controlled brand Communicating with the consumer about how their food was raised Taste/flavor, Health and food safety, Animal welfare,

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Securing success through authentic relationships

Securing Success Through Authentic Relationships

The Heritage Acres Story

It all starts at the farm1
It All Starts At the Farm

  • Farmer controlled brand

  • Communicating with the consumer about how their food was raised

    • Taste/flavor,

    • Health and food safety,

    • Animal welfare,

    • Environment and sustainability.

Flavor comes from the farm1
Flavor Comes from the Farm

  • Consumers pay for subtle differences in flavor in particular products: wine, cheese and meat

  • Production practices influence flavor

  • Consumers choose natural and organic due to better taste

  • Communicating with consumers gets them interested in product

Heritage acres pork1
Heritage Acres Pork

  • Our genetics selected for flavor & “out-door” acceptance and result in pork with a sweeter, richer flavor

  • Pork Raised outdoors, in non-confinement operations does not have a “piggy” flavor or aroma

Consumers concerned about health
Consumers Concerned About Health

  • World Health Organization has raised concerns about use of antibiotics in food-animal production

  • Most European countries have outlawed use of these products

Produced without antibiotics
Produced without Antibiotics

  • Producers do not administer antibiotics

  • If animals become ill they are removed from the system

Strict feeding protocol

High plane of nutrition with corn & soybean diets

No animal by-products

Strict Feeding Protocol

Consumers want choices

Over 80% of consumers are willing to pay more for food produced from family farms

Consumers Want Choices

Environmentally friendly humanely raised
Environmentally Friendly & Humanely Raised produced from family farms

  • Fully traceable system with US farm of origin

  • Complies with Certified Humane production protocol

  • Third party verification

Sustainable family farms
Sustainable Family Farms produced from family farms

Sustainability produced from family farms

  • At Heritage Acres, each of our farm families practice sustainable production that preserve our environment, our health and our communities

Keys to successful cooperative development

A champion produced from family farms




Obligation and right to deliver











Keys to Successful Cooperative Development

Consumers with a conscience
Consumers with a Conscience produced from family farms

  • Connecting Consumers with “Their Farmer” gives them more confidence in their food choice

  • Consumers want to know that their food comes from a “real farm”

Committed consumers
Committed Consumers produced from family farms

  • Message resonates with affinity consumer groups - labor, faith, chefs, youth, humane, conservation, environmental and community

Cooperatively owned processing plant
Cooperatively Owned produced from family farmsProcessing Plant

Building sustaining local communities
Building & Sustaining Local Communities produced from family farms

  • Own plant in Mountain View, MO

  • Impeccable sanitation record

  • Local labor force with good wages

  • Securing local, inter-local and trans-local markets

Heritage acres pork2
Heritage Acres Pork produced from family farms

Future success depends on working with existing marketing and distribution infrastructure and preserving the identity and authenticity of the story of the farmer controlled brand.