Ieee 802 11 ietf liaison report
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IEEE 802.11-IETF Liaison Report. Authors:. Date: 2014-07-16. Abstract. This presentation contains the IEEE 802.11 – IETF liaison report for July 2014. IETF- IEEE 802 Liaison Activity - 1 . Joint meetings , agenda and presentations: Teleconference Meeting held 18 June 2014

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Ieee 802 11 ietf liaison report
IEEE 802.11-IETF Liaison Report



Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks


This presentation contains the IEEE 802.11 – IETF liaison report for July 2014.

Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

Ietf ieee 802 liaison activity 1
IETF- IEEE 802 Liaison Activity - 1

  • Joint meetings, agenda and presentations: Teleconference Meeting held 18 June 2014

    •, see

    • No new IEEE 802.11 items

  • Next face to face meeting: 29 Sept 2014 (Newark Airport hotel)

Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

Ietf ieee 802 liaison activity 2
IETF- IEEE 802 Liaison Activity - 2

  • RFC4441bis update, see

    • Approved by 802 EC in March

    • Has been sent to the RFC editor, should be published shortly

  • 802 EC “IETF/IAB/IESG..” 802 EC Standing Committee

    • Approved by the EC in March 2014

    • Pat Thaler ischair; met this week: September joint meeting agenda

  • IEEE 802 Liaisons list is available


Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

Ietf ieee 802 11 liaison activity 1
IETF- IEEE 802.11 Liaison Activity - 1

  • Request from Individual Submission Editor (Nevil Brownlee) on to ensure no conflict with 11s.

    • Liaison response sent in May, see

    • Request for code point received, see 11-14-0848

    • Motion to confirm ANA action at Friday plenary

  • Request for comments on

    • Discussed in ARC Wednesday AM1, see ARC approved liaison response in

    • ARC motion at Friday plenary meeting

Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

Ietf meetings
IETF Meetings

  • Meetings:

    • July 20-25, 2014 – Toronto

    • November 9-14, 2014 – Honolulu

    • March 22-27, 2015 – Dallas

    • July 19-24, 2015 – Prague

    • November 1-6, 2015 - Yokahama


    • Newcomer training:

    • Tutorials (process and technical); Wireless Tutorial (Donald Eastlake) :

Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

Ietf july 2014 bof sessions
IETF July 2014 BOF sessions

  • See

Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

Protocol to access white space database paws wg
Protocol to Access White Space database (paws) WG

  • Received request for IEEE 802.11 review of paws protocol draft document:

    • Held IEEE 802.11 Call for Comments

    • No comments received

  • Paws Charter and problem statement documents:

    • Charter, see

    • Problem Statement, see

    • Use Cases and requirements, published as RFC 6953:

    • Update: PAWS protocol document Area Review Team comments being resolved

Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

Radext wg

  • See

  • RADIUS Extensions

    • The RADIUS Extensions Working Group will focus on extensions to theRADIUS protocol required to define extensions to the standard attribute space as well as to address cryptographic algorithm agility and use over new transports.

    • In addition, RADEXT will work on RADIUS Design Guidelines and define new attributes for particular applications of authentication, authorization andaccounting such as NAS management and local area network (LAN) usage.

  • Updates [July2014]

    • Submitted for publication: RADIUS Attributes for IEEE 802 Networks, see Currently in AUTH48 review

    • New version posted: Support of fragmentation if RADIUS packets, see

    • New version available: “DTLS as a transport layer for RADIUS”, see

Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

Ietf geographic location and privacy geopriv wg
IETF Geographic Location and Privacy (Geopriv) WG

  • See

  • Specific reference to WLANs:

    • Carrying Location Objects in RADIUS, see

    • Relative Location, published as RFC 7035, see

  • Documents referenced in 802.11 (TGv)

    • Geopriv Requirements, see

    • Civic Address definitions, see

  • July 2009 Liaison to IETF GEOPRIV

    • See

  • Updates [July 2014]

    • Updated: One remaining active WG draft on Representation of Uncertainty and Confidence in PIDF-LO :

Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

Emergency context resolution with internet technologies ecrit
Emergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies (ECRIT)

  • Working Group website:

  • Emergency Services

    • Framework for Emergency Calling using Internet Multimedia, see

    • Describing boundaries for Civic Addresses, see

  • Updates [July 2014]

    • Additional Data related to an emergency call, see

    • Updated: Trustworthy Location, see

    • Updated: Unauthorized access, see in IESG review

    • Updated: Internet Protocol-based In-Vehicle Emergency Calls, see

Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

Home networking homenet wg
Home Networking (homenet) WG (ECRIT)

  • See

  • This working group focuses on the evolving networking technology within and among relatively small "residential home" networks

    • The task of the group is to produce an architecture document that outlines how to construct home networks involving multiple routers and subnets.

    • This document is expected to apply the IPv6 addressing architecture, prefix delegation, global and ULA addresses, source address selection rules and other existing components of the IPv6 architecture, as appropriate.

  • Updates [July 2014] Documents of interest:

    • Updated: Home networking Architecture for IPv6, see - submitted for publication

    • Updated: Nome Networking Control Protocol:

    • Updated: Internet draft on Prefix and Address Assignment in a Home Network:

    • Internet draft on Minimalist Port Control Protocol Proxy:

    • Updated: Outsourcing Home Network Authoritative Naming Service:

Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

Operations area working group
Operations Area Working Group (ECRIT)


    • Area WG processes submissions related to Operations Area WGs that have closed

    • Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) Working Group closed in 2009

  • Responded to requests from OPSAWG chairs for IEEE 802.11 review

    • “Alternate Tunnel Encapsulation for Data Frames in CAPWAP” , see Slide 5 in

    • “IEEE 802.11 MAC Profile for CAPWAP” , see

    • “CAPWAP extension for 802.11n and Power/channel Autoconfiguration”, see

  • Operations Area Working Group work group items


    • New version posted (r4)

    • New:

Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

Of interest to smart grid
Of Interest to Smart Grid (ECRIT)


    • Working Group website:

    • Focus: IPv6 over Low Power PAN: Adaption of IPv6 protocol to operate on constrained nodes and link layers

  • ROLL

    • Working Group website:

    • Focus: Routing over Low Power and LossyNetworks

  • CORE

    • (Constrained RESTful Environments) Working Group website:

    • Focus: framework for resource-oriented applications intended to run on constrained IP networks.

Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

References (ECRIT)

  • RFC 4017 - IEEE 802.11 Requirements on EAP Methods

  • Jan 2012 report (PAWS, Homenet details),

Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks