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Emerging Clues To The Future PowerPoint Presentation
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Emerging Clues To The Future

Emerging Clues To The Future

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Emerging Clues To The Future

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  1. Emerging CluesTo The Future

  2. Something ReallyBig Has Happened The first fundamental transition in 500 years Modernity and Christendom are crumbling We’re moving beyond incremental and exponential transition The rules by which the game of life is played no longer exist It’s a time of radical discontinuity

  3. Scientists Have A Word For What Is Happening Today

  4. In The Wormhole • Everything is set on speed

  5. In The Wormhole • Everything is set on blur

  6. In The Wormhole

  7. In The Wormhole • Whether or not one is liberal or conservative or belongs to this group or that group no longer matters All that matters is that one is REVOLUTIONARY About the way mission is carried out!

  8. What Will Ministry Look Like On The OtherSide Of The Wormhole?

  9. Wormhole QuestionsThat May Unlock The Future

  10. Key Questions • What will Christianity look like when it truly understands that North America is a mission field?

  11. Answers Are Found In Further Questions • What is the difference in being missional and doing evangelism? • What is the difference in a being pastor and being a cross-cultural missionary?

  12. Key Questions • What will ministry look like in an organic worldview? Quantum physics The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

  13. Answers Are FoundIn Further Questions • How will we communicate the gospel when salvation means far more than just the transformation of “my” soul? • What will the church look like without programs and committees?

  14. Key Questions • What will authority look like in an out-of-control, anti-institutional, non-religious world A deconstructing world Institutions are losing favor Spirituality is back and redefined

  15. Answers Are FoundIn Further Questions • What does it mean to live in a world where one’s spirituality is more important than credentials? • Can we imagine doing evangelism that is not carried out within the context of conquest? • How do leaders lead without control?

  16. Key Questions • What will Christianity look like when it’s no longer defined by ? Images Electronic Ink Virtual Reality Holographics Personal Narratives

  17. Answers Are FoundIn Further Questions • How will we communicate the message and engage the truth? • How do we transition from handing out data that informs to offering an experience that transforms? • How will we help people grow their spirituality instead of just learning more about the Bible?

  18. Key Questions • What will Christianity look like when the church is missional and not institutional? • - The Reformers “marks of a true church” is out Cell groups City Reaching House churches Cyber-Churches Warehouse churches

  19. Answers Are FoundIn Further Questions • How will we “be” the church instead of “go” to church? • How will we celebrate such things as Communion, baptism, ordination?

  20. Key Questions • In a world with no rules, what is non-negotiable and eternally significant in God’s mission?

  21. Answer Is Found In Further Question • What is it about our relationship with Jesus that the world cannot live without knowing?

  22. Mega Clues

  23. Clue One In such a world… the growth of people replaces the management of organizations

  24. Clue Two In such a world… clarity of mission is essential

  25. Clue Three The anti-institutional sentiment is continuing to…. In such a world… churches will become smaller and more varied in character

  26. Clue Four We are witnessing the interaction of all the sciences and people In such a world… It’s not enough to read theology

  27. Clue Five The internet continues to grow and will become the primary form of communication, information, commerce, and networking throughout the world In such a world… new ways are needed for Sunday School, teaching, worship, and communication

  28. Clue Six Communication and education are entering the visual, experiential, and interactive world of virtual reality In such a world… experience is the foundation of learning

  29. Clue Seven Authority must now be earned by the individual In such a world… how one lives before others determines the amount of authority

  30. Clue Eight People are moving to the cities In such a world… reaching the city and Church Planting are the primary missions

  31. Clue Nine The boats no longer come from Europe In such a world… multi-cultural ministry is essential

  32. Clue Ten In such a world… rational, linear thought is out of place

  33. Clue Eleven Bio-genetics is replacing Gay Rights Abortion Gender In such a world… “my genes made me do it”

  34. Clue Twelve Society continues to become more hostile to local congregations and more open to spirituality In such a world… only high commitment churches will do well

  35. Clue Thirteen Anti-institutionalism continues to grow, and grow, and grow In such a world… the primary search is for wholeness, community, dignity, identity, and empowerment

  36. Clue fourteen The world is running out of world class leaders In such a world… teams will replace the lone-wolf, charismatic leader

  37. Clue Fifteen Consumerism continues to grow unabated In such a world… churches must be culturally relevant if they want to grow disciples

  38. Implications For 21st Century Ministry

  39. First Implication Our Greatest Need Is To Raise Up Spiritual Leaders Who Can Function In A World Of Speed, Blur, and Flux

  40. A New Kind Of Leader • Leaders provide an atmosphere in which people are transformed and empowered to be leaders and do God’s will • Success depends on what the leader is able to help others achieve • It is leaders of leaders, not leaders of followers

  41. The Difference? • “Who will I mentor today?” • - instead of what must I do?” • “Who will I discover?” • - instead of what is my job description? “ • How many others can I equip?” • - instead of how much can I do?”

  42. Second Implication The Clash Between The Old And The New Will Shape Most Of The First Two Decades Of The 21st Century

  43. Radical Change Leads To Turbulent Times • Churches that know where they are going and why, will do the best • - The issue of values, identity, security, relationships, and purpose will become primary • The only churches that survive will be those who are culturally relevant and biblically sound.

  44. Third Implication The Growing Segments Of Christianity Will Continue To Rediscover First Century Christianity

  45. Retrofuture • A passionate commitment to Jesus Christ • - In a pagan society it’s not enough to just talk about God • Indigenous worship • - In the language, technology, and culture of the times • Lay ministries • - The Priesthood of the believer

  46. RetroFuture • Church planting will be the primary mission of the thriving churches and healthy religious groups • Behavior modification will be the primary focus of preaching and teaching

  47. Fourth Implication The Effective Local Church Is Organized Around The Prime Directive

  48. The Prime Directive • The prime directive is growing disciples who grow disciples • - Felt needs are responded to only to make disciples • All leaders are equipped to “Fractal”

  49. M V V Permission-givingUndergirds Prime Directive • Every person is encouraged to live out their spiritual gift without having to ask permission from a centralized authority • Democracy, voting and representation are replaced by leadership, prayer and a demonstrated life • Doers and Deciders are the same