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RamanPreet Kaur

RamanPreet Kaur. Purpose: To show the loss of innocence between the 1950’s teenagers and Holden. Teenager’s Identity from the 1950 s. Dating Modernized Dating at young ag e Double Dating “Heavy Petting” Family Values and rules No cursing or talk of sex in front of adult s

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RamanPreet Kaur

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  1. RamanPreet Kaur Purpose: To show the loss of innocence between the 1950’s teenagers and Holden

  2. Teenager’s Identity from the 1950s • Dating • Modernized • Dating at young age • Double Dating • “Heavy Petting” • Family Values and rules • No cursing or talk of sex in front of adults • Obeying their parents • Curfews • Short hair cut forboys • Pants not allowed for girls • No smoking or drinking • Teenagers were expected to conform in school • “Expected” to join the military • Rock ‘n’ Roll • Influenced Teens • The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll: Elvis • Beatniks • Teenagers found a way to express themselves • Fashion • Greasers: leather Jackets • Preppy: polo shirts • Teddy Boys & Teddy Girls • Mini-skirts • Leisure Activities • Drive-in Movies • Drive-thru movies • Roller Skating • Dances • Bowling Alleys • Diners

  3. Holden’s Childhood • Family • Mother and Father • 2 brothers • Allie and DB • 1 sister • Phoebe • Immature(he was beat up by the pimp Maurice but acted as if he were shot) &(Tries to get Sally to run away to the West) • Got kicked out of school four times • Hypocritical • Emotional(Can’t deal with Allie’s death) • Dependent • Imaginative • Curious(About Sex) • Doesn’t take-on his responsibilities(doesn’t care about school • Scared to go thorough the process of being an adult(he likes the freedom of being an adult, but doesn’t like the responsibilities take tag along with it) • Liar(Tells Mrs. Morrow lies on the train) • Doesn’t like change(he tried to even out the seesaw in the park) • Virgin

  4. Smokes Drinks alcohol Sets out for New York by himself Makes his own decisions Concern for Phoebe Starts to date Gives money to nuns Reads highly developed literature (Romeo and Juliet) Starts to become Independent Curious about sex Him wanting to become the Cather in the Rye and shielding and catching little kids from being exposed to adulthood at a small age. Goes to late night bars and clubs Holden’s Adulthood

  5. Motif: The Half Frozen Lake The water represents childhood Like water childhood and children are transparent The ice represents the ice Ice is like water but frozen Adulthood is more rough than childhood because of its responsibilities and burdens Like water and ice, childhood and adulthood have some aspects in common Social conformity • The lake symbolizes that there is a thin line between childhood and adulthood and even though you can see the difference between them they have a connection that holds more depth that meets the eye.

  6. loss of innocence through the eyes of Holden/Holden’s conversion into adulthood • Cursing, Smoking, Drinking, talking about sex • Gets furious about the cursing on the wall • Children endeavored to carve inappropriate statement on the wall • Gives Allie’s red hunting hat to Phoebe and tries to move on with his life like an adult would • Hires a prostitute • Wants to moves to the West in the book “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D Salinger(showing that he is prepared to be independent)

  7. Loss of Innocence for 1950s teenagers • Teenagers started to become more rebellious(disobedience) • Dating started even below 13 years of age • Teenagers started to identify themselves by different fashions styles(miniskirts) • Social Conformity faded away(things like short cut hair was rebelled against) • They had their own variety of music • They had a new approach on music and dancing • Advertisements were more revealing to teens and a disgrace in the adults perspective • The availability of cars

  8. Personal View “You can't stop time. you can't capture light. you can only turn your face up and let it rain down”, Kim Edwards. • It takes time to go through the process of childhood to get into adulthood • Difficult(finding your own identity) • Living on your own(being independent) • During the time period where teenagers convert into adults many problems faced their way: • Pressure for social conformity • Some teens can’t handle the freedom • Taking the responsibilities that come along Transition

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