Pds4 mission needs assessment
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PDS4 Mission Needs Assessment. Reta Beebe Dan Crichton. Introduction. Reta Beebe assigned to review PDS Discipline Node reports to provide an outline for early mission needs for PDS4 Set up the Data Suppliers’ Working Group (DSWG)

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Pds4 mission needs assessment

PDS4 Mission Needs Assessment

Reta Beebe

Dan Crichton


  • Reta Beebe assigned to review PDS Discipline Node reports to provide an outline for early mission needs for PDS4

  • Set up the Data Suppliers’ Working Group (DSWG)

    • Ed Guinness, Steve Joy, Lyle Huber to develop a plan to identify needs led by Reta (August 2010 MC F2F)

  • Put together a set of specific PDS4 archiving needs for three missions – LADEE, MAVEN, & Phobos-SRM.

  • Drivers Identified by the DSWG

    • data object types used by the types of instruments on these missions

    • the timeline with when the missions need the information

  • Presented to the MC in November 2010 & March 2011

  • Considerations

    • Upcoming Missions

    • Types of Instruments

    • Types of Products

    • Approximate Start of Product Design

    • Approximate Delivery Date to PDS

    • Tool Needs, etc

    Ladee pds4 support update
    LADEE/PDS4 Support Update

    • LADEE has setup bimonthly telecons of a data working group.

    • In an effort to speed up use of PDS4, each team has submitted a representative example of a data file.

    • Lyle Huber and Carol Neese/Small Bodies have refined these submissions

    • Neese is working closely with the ATMOS node to define the needed data structure

    • Lynn Neakrase, Shannon Rees and Matias Roybal have begun developing initial LADEE-tailored schemas and template XML labels using the samples and closely related instrument data files provided by the instrument teams

    Maven pds4 support update
    MAVEN/PDS4 Support Update

    • Draft ICDs came out in April

    • MAVEN data management plan was released in June

    • No sample products or SIS development discussion has occurred with PPI, but draft SISs due in Nov 2011 with final versions in March 2012

    Phobos pds4 support update
    Phobos/PDS4 Support Update

    • Launch is now scheduled for 11 Nov 2011 (11.11.11).

    • The data plan was updated and sent back to the mission to review

    • SBN planning to go over this fall and do some hands-on workshops on PDS4 label development.


    • The mission drivers are the start dates for product design.

    • Initial data product support required for a few simple product types (ASCII tables, FITS tables, etc).

    • Actual ingestion will not occur until early 2013.

      • However, short cruise time of LADEE makes it a challenge. Planning is underway.

    • Validation tools along with design assistance to create the products are important.

    • Phobos-SRM considered, but instrument needs are still to be analyzed and captured.

    • Plan: Keep PDS4 deployments scoped to support LADEE, MAVEN and Phobos-SMR first