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Mutant Message Down Under

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Mutant Message Down Under. By:Marlo Morgan. The Aboriginal People. There are over 300,000 aboriginal people in Australia.

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the aboriginal people
The Aboriginal People
  • There are over 300,000 aboriginal people in Australia.
  • Most aboriginal people don’t call themselves aboriginal they prefer terms such as these koori( South East Australia),nyungar(South West),Nanga(South Australia),Wonghi(Western desert),Yolngu(Arnhem land),Murri( South Queensland), and Yamadji
  • (Pilbara region of Western Australia).
  • All these words generally mean people.
  • Grub worms, beetles, and ants
  • Eels and fish
  • Water fowl, scrub fowl,

Cassowary, and jabiru

Goanna is a delicacy ( it is a

Yellow lizard.)

Aboriginal people didn’t usually

Eat food with a face up until the

British kicked them out of their land. They were forced to eat animals with faces.

  • They believe in oneness which is everything fitting together in harmony. Everything was put here for a reason.
  • Circumcision is traditionally done to boys.
  • The Aboriginal people believe in re-carnation.
  • Typically believe in a tangible object such as a landform rather than a god.
  • There is no one deity for their religion. Each tribe has a different, or similar, deity responsible for rain, lightning, or healing etc.
aboriginal medicines
Aboriginal medicines
  • Wild herbs, animal products, steam baths, clay pits, charcoal and mud, massages, string amulets, and secret chants.

This maroon bush is used to treat cancer, heart disease, urinary problems, and intestine troubles. It is also used for general illnesses.

This medicine circle in the middle of the field teaches aboriginal people that all life moves in a circle without end. That human capacity is infinite.

the didgeridoo
The didgeridoo

The didgeridoo is originated in Arnhemland, Australia. It is traditionally played by a man to accompany a rhythmic song for traditional dances and social dances. It is made of bamboo or most commonly used is hollowed gum trees. The sound comes from pursed

Tones, vocalization, oral manipulation,

And circular breathing techniques.

australian slang
Australian Slang

Oldies: parents

  • Ear bash: nonstop chatter
  • Arvos: afternoon
  • Ring, tingle: phone someone
  • Shark biscuits: new surfers
  • Buckley’s chance: no way
  • Dag: funny person or nerd
  • Knock: to criticise
  • Tucker: food
  • Good oil: good idea
  • G’arn: You’re kidding

Barbie: barbecue

Shark biscuit: new surfer

Ice block: popsicle

Mozzie: mosquito