daily classes of 1 5 hour june aug 2011 by shivgan3@yahoo com l.
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1-on-1 Course for the New GRE PowerPoint Presentation
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1-on-1 Course for the New GRE

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1-on-1 Course for the New GRE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Daily classes of 1.5 hour June-Aug 2011 By: shivgan3@yahoo.com. 1-on-1 Course for the New GRE. Content. About the teacher How to use Wiziq Introduction to the Course Types of Question Old vs. New Developing a personalized Strategy and setting up targets Books Required for the study

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  • About the teacher
  • How to use Wiziq
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Types of Question Old vs. New
  • Developing a personalized Strategy and setting up targets
  • Books Required for the study
  • References
about the teacher
About the Teacher
  • Premium teacher at Wiziq.com
  • Have taken more than 400 public classes all of which can be accessed on Wiziq
  • Scored 630/800 in Verbal (91%ile) May 2011
  • All important concepts also uploaded on Youtube
  • One of the biggest video collection on GRE (uploaded on Wiziq)
how to use wiziq
How to use Wiziq
  • Request a trial from Wiziq.com; you may call them as well for support, maintenance and training
  • Lets see how to access old recordings and use Wiziq (by Screen Sharing)
  • What all you get in this course
introduction to the new gre
Introduction to the New GRE
  • What is the new GRE
  • Lets check the ETS Website now (by Screen Sharing)
introduction to this course
Introduction to this course
  • Attending the Classes and learning process
  • Solving problems from the books
  • Attempting paper tests
  • Power Prep 2
personalized strategy
Personalized Strategy
  • Building a strategy for you
  • How to use the next 3 months; fix the dates
  • Use Google calendar and also the calendar on your mobile; sharing strategy file on gdocs
  • Strict time table to complete the resources that are targeted
  • We will start with the Official Guide to GRE and then move to Verbal Workout for the New GRE
course buildup
Course Buildup

Tentative Preparation time (20 June - 30 Aug)

  • Level 1:1 hour/day class for 10 days

(then a break of couple of days or more as required)

  • Level 2: 1 hour/day class for 10 days

(then a break of couple of days or more as required)

  • Level 3: 1 hour/day class for 10 days

Practicing the tests from Power Prep 2 and other tests

  • Final Level: Doubt solving classes for the test questions
which one is better
Which one is better?
  • New GRE is not dependent on non-context vocab, gives a change to get 99%ile in math, as 800/800 is old is still 92%ile
  • More focus on RC and FIB
  • More than once choices correct questions
  • Along with this, I will be working on GRE Big book: RCs and Sentence Completion which remains the same.
  • And also vocab learning techniques which will be the same.
gre secrets for the new gre
GRE Secrets for the NEW GRE!
  • Still ETS is using the ETS Big Book based collection (see yourself: screen sharing)
  • The questions of RCs have now become easier as chances of long RCs is minimized
  • Time bound gaming has become very more relevant which very less people understand
  • Memory no longer an issue for the exam!
  • All major RC areas and ETS’s predilection remains exactly the same
  • Importance of Sitters has increased
resources text
  • New GRE 2011-2012: Strategies, Practice, And Review by Kaplan
  • McGraw-Hill's Conquering The New GRE Math
  • Cracking The New GRE, 2012 Edition
  • New GRE 2011-2012 Premier (With CD-ROM) by Kaplan
  • Big Book ETS Publication
ets asks while registration
ETS asks (while registration)
  • Used free GRE test preparation software or books published by ETS
  • Used GRE test preparation book published by ETS or ETS/McGraw-Hill
  • Used test preparation book or software published by another publisher
  • Used ScoreItNow!TM Online Writing PracticeAccessed test familiarization information on the GRE website
unique exclusive features
Unique exclusive features
  • Application of Yoga and Dhyan series
  • GRE secrets and untold things revealed
  • Strategy for exam temperament
  • Daashatra Technique for vocabulary
  • Book Reviews to get the crux of many books
major areas
Major areas
  • Reading comprehension related areas (very scientifically dealt with)
  • Sentence completion (strategically resolved area)
  • Vocab based questions (requires longest time)
  • AWA
official guide to gre level 1
Official Guide to GRE (Level 1)
  • Target time to complete this book
  • Use camera and take picture of doubts, email me or bring the jped / pdf files to the class to discuss doubts
  • Or tell me the page number during the live class
how to read ogg
How to read OGG
  • Bible for the exam
  • A publication by ETS
  • One thing comes out that the exam is moving move toward critical reasoning (page 56)
  • Long passages cannot have multiple choice question
  • Since exam of Verbal in two parts, longer passages cannot fit in
  • This book is the book of revelations
gre math
GRE Math
  • The best part here is that 800/800 was common(which was 92%) but the new GRE’s math will give you 99%ile
ets says
ETS says:
  • The GRE Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE® revised General Test contains three types of questions:
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Text Completion
  • Sentence Equivalence
  • Multiple-choice Questions — Select One Answer Choice: These are the traditional multiple-choice questions with five answer choices of which you must select one.
  • Multiple-choice Questions — Select One or More Answer Choices: These provide three answer choices and ask you to select all that are correct; one, two or all three of the answer choices may be correct.
  • Select-in-Passage: The question asks you to click on the sentence in the passage that meets a certain description.
reading comprehension strategy
Reading Comprehension Strategy
  • Time in each of 3 types of questions
  • More than one option correct (1/7 vs 1/2)
  • Size of passage
  • Pre knowledge
  • Making notes for direction / diagramming like T or A or V
  • Importance of triggers
  • Sitters vs time takers
text completion strategy
Text Completion Strategy
  • Tone
  • Direction of the passage
  • Diagramming and symbols
  • Political language
  • Paraphrasing
  • Checking flow at the end
  • Grammar(parts of speech) / active-passage / idiomatic usage ie parallelism
  • Please see the old ppts
  • Refer to common docs with me on google docs
  • Use skype to call me