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Know About Home Audio and Home Theatre Options and Trends in 2016 PowerPoint Presentation
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Know About Home Audio and Home Theatre Options and Trends in 2016

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Know About Home Audio and Home Theatre Options and Trends in 2016 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know About Home Audio and Home Theatre Options and Trends in 2016

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  1. Know Know About About Home Home Audio Audio and and Home Home Theatre Theatre Options Options and and Trends Trends in in 2016 2016 Home audio and home theatre systems are becoming more sophisticated and user friendly. Technology plays a greater role today than it did a couple of decades ago while prices drop and better quality becomes more affordable. What were niche products are now more widespread and you can enjoy greater convenience, better sound and better video along with internet and gaming. 2016 has a lot to offer in audio and video experiences. What are the trends? Networking Home networking using wi-fi, remote control or bluetooth is the order of the day. Blul-Ray players, Gaming devices, set top boxes, TVs, hi-fi amplifiers, internet enabled TVs to stream live and on-demand programs are all networked.

  2. Home audio and video installationcan be simple plug and play or a sophisticated set up with centralized console, TV and speaker set up in different rooms and a smartphone or remote to control it all. Multiple screens Just one LCD is not sufficient. A living room can be equipped with multiple screens to handle requirements of various users. One could be streaming live TV, another could be employed for gaming by the younger family members while another could be used for browsing the internet. A large sized central monitor is central while satellite monitors take care of other functions. A family may even opt for a projector and screen for a real theater like experience coupled with suitably placed 5.1 surround sound system. Audio is important Home theater includes audio and home owners are increasingly going in for better quality stand alone speakers for a theater like experience. Smaller rooms may benefit by the use of compact sound bars while larger rooms may have speakers located front and rear. Sound quality and the audio experience depends to a large extent on speaker quality as well as placement and room acoustics. Experienced engineers play a greater role in home audio and video installation with their expertise in acoustics and concealed wiring techniques. 3D, Blu-Ray and TV It is not that there is a lack of 3D capable TVs. The lack is in programming content availability. Television studios and movie makers as well as game developers are working on producing more content so these 3D enabled TVs and blue-ray players should grow in number and popularity.

  3. TV screens 40 inches and larger are available with 3D capabilities and these are just as capable of displaying 2D content. Video projectors with lampless LED Projectors allow image sizes larger than what the largest TV screens can display and give a truly theater like experience. Video projectors with lampless LED are now around the corner, capable of higher brightness and contrast as well as resolution in addition to extended life. Internet Streaming It is expected internet streaming will grow since this channel is capable of delivering movies, gaming, weather, serials, social media and virtually everything else you get on the internet delivered to the giant display in your living room. As options increase so does the complexity of installation. Getting an expert to set up the home theater network is the key to ease of use and enhanced experience.

  4. It is not just set up where experts can deliver the goods; they are also the starting point to selecting the right components and blending them all together within a budget. Address: 2509 Main St. City: Elgin State: SC Country: USA Zipcode: 29045 Ph no: 803-354-6586 E-mail us Website: