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Middle East Geography CRCT Review

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Middle East Geography CRCT Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Middle East Geography CRCT Review. Turkey’s dams on the Euphrates initially had what effect on the neighboring country of Iraq? led to an increase in oil export decreased available shipping routes from the Persian Gulf decreased the amount of travel on the respective waterways

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Turkey’s dams on the Euphrates initially had what effect on the neighboring country of Iraq?

  • led to an increase in oil export
  • decreased available shipping routes from the Persian Gulf
  • decreased the amount of travel on the respective waterways
  • led to the unequal distribution of water

Which of these is an ethnic group?

  • Kurd
  • Muslim
  • Christian
  • Jordanian

The reason for division between Sunni and Shia Muslims is based on the issue of

  • leadership of Islam
  • the issue of women’s rights within the religion
  • who should control the natural resources of the region
  • where the geographic center of the Islamic world should be located

Who is considered to be the father of all three of the following religions?

      • Islam
      • Christianity
      • Judaism
  • Moses
  • Abraham
  • Mohammed
  • Jesus

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all have these in common EXCEPT

  • All have a holy book
  • All are monotheistic religions
  • All share Jerusalem as a holy city
  • All believe Jesus was the Son of God

Which is NOT a reason for the establishment of Israel for the Jews in 1948?

  • Anti-Semitism
  • Holocaust
  • Palestinian Immigration
  • Zionism

How did European involvement in Southwest Asia impact the region after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire?

A. Many Europeans immigrated to Southwest Asia.

B. Countries in Southwest Asia modeled their governments on European governments.

C. Political borders were decided by European powers without consideration of the political and historic connections in the region.

D. European powers presence in Southwest Asia established a long period of peace and improved relations with non-Muslim western nations.


Which city in the Middle East has been a source of conflict for Islam, Christianity, and Judaism?

  • Mecca
  • Bethlehem
  • Baghdad
  • Jerusalem

Why did the United States bomb and invade Afghanistan in 2001?

A. Afghanistan invaded the country of Kuwait and threatened the United States supply of oil.

B. The United Nations asked the United States to overthrow the Taliban government of Afghanistan.

C. The United States believed that the government of Afghanistan was developing WMD’s.

D. They believed the government was offering safety to al-Qaeda, a terrorist organization.


When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, Saudi Arabia appealed to the United States to help stop the war. The three countries in the area shared an interest in which natural resource?

A. oil

B. gold

C. water

D. diamonds


Which of the following migrated from central to southern Africa over thousands of years, bringing with them advanced tools, herding techniques, and agriculture?

A. Bantus

B. Swahilis

C. Ashanti

D. Maisai


The two main religions found in Africa are

A. Judaism and Islam

B. Buddhism and Hindu

C. Christianity and Islam

D. Christianity and Judaism


In the Sahel, overgrazing and drought have resulted in a decrease in the grassland region. What is this process called?

A. Deforestation

B. Desertification

C. Unequal distribution

D. Environmental pollution


In sub-Saharan Africa, less than 50% of the population has access to safe drinking water from environmental pollution. How has this shortage of safe drinking water affected sub-Saharan Africa development?

A. Increased size of the Sahara

B. Decreased economic growth

C. Increased population growth

D. Decreased the size of the rain forest


Poor soil and deforestation cause more land to become

A. useless for farming and agriculture

B. unsuitable for building houses

C. good areas for cattle farming

D. a better place to raise a family


In 1946 British colonial authorities merged southern and northern Sudan into a single administrative region. The inhabitants of southern Sudan primarily practice Christianity and Traditional African religions. Northern Sudan is inhabited by Arab Muslims. Merging the citizens in the previously separate regions led to the first Sudanese civil war and subsequent political and ethnical strife.

Based on the passage, what contributed to civil war in Sudan?

A. artificial political borders

B. African Nationalist movement

C. Pan-African Movement

D. Apartheid


What role did Nelson Mandela and F.W. De Klerk play in the evolution of Apartheid in South Africa?

A. They worked to abolish apartheid.

B. They created apartheid.

C. They worked to maintain apartheid.

D. They enhanced apartheid.


The purpose of the Pan African Movements in Africa is to

A. Create one African Government

B. Create one African language

C. Develop a unified political identity

D. Develop a unified region


How has nationalism impacted the continent of Africa?

A. many African countries became colonies

B. it was a reason for African colonies to become independent

C. it led to the continuation of European colonialization

D. it led to the creation of one giant country in Africa today


Which observation about the impact of colonialism on African development is most true?

A. European nations respected the heritage of the ancient African kingdoms.

B. historians have proved that the positive effects of colonialism have outweighed the negative effects.

C. colonialism introduced Africans to a variety of non-African cultures (such as language).

D. without the colonization of Africa, the continent would have continued in a period of no growth and advancement.