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ARB Update. June 2002. Synergize Graphics and Media Processing. Synergize Authoring & Deployment. “Embedded OpenGL”. “Embedded OpenML”. Scalable, small footprint 2D & 3D graphics. Small footprint video & audio processing. Creating Open API Standards. OpenML

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Presentation Transcript
Arb update

ARB Update

June 2002

Arb update

Synergize Graphics and Media Processing

Synergize Authoring & Deployment

“Embedded OpenGL”

“Embedded OpenML”

Scalable, small footprint2D & 3D graphics

Small footprint video & audio processing

Creating Open API Standards

Khronos is a two track organization

  • OpenML

  • API set for dynamic media authoring

  • OpenML 1.0 spec released at Siggraph 2001

  • Key task is now to enable and encourage shipping implementations

  • “Embedded OpenGL”

  • OpenGL profiles for embedded platforms

  • Significant Industry interest

  • Informal working group discussions started

Khronos is a Two Track Organization

New participation framework
New Participation Framework

  • Open Khronos membership for interested companies

    • Four levels of participation:

      • Application developers – can use Khronos-based drivers with no license or royalties

      • Adopters - any company can sign a royalty free license to implement Khronos specifications

      • Contributors - open membership, nominal annual fee, working group participation & voting

      • Promoters – founders of the group, driving the Khronos organization and its standards

Board of Promoters

Specs generated by Working Groups are passed back to the Promoters Board for final ratification





Board of promoters establish working groups for any needed task: spec generation, marketing, reference implementations, conformance tests

Open Contributor Membership with Full Working Group Voting Rights

Working group update
Working Group Update

  • Where are we now?

    • Significant industry interest

      • 100’s of companies have expressed support for Khronos activities

      • Rich set of companies from which we can form actual working groups (NOT 100’s!)

      • Bodes well for final adoption

    • Participation Agreement is close!

      • BUT we have been waiting a year – cost us some momentum

      • Struggled to get IP framework in place(!) – but we are there now

    • OpenML implementation group

      • The task: ABI definitions, sample implementations, conformance tests etc…

      • Have been waiting for resources and framework from participation agreement

      • High energy new participants: DVS, RealViz – other companies waiting

      • Khronos has budget for contract engineering resource if needed

    • “Embedded OpenGL” working group

      • Significant outreach success

      • Waiting for participation agreement

      • Ad hoc working group meetings already started to refine 3Dlabs’ strawman

Proposed hardware profiles

Eliminate redundancy

Duplicated functionalityUnnecessary queriesData-type variants

Eliminate workstation functionality e.g. 3D textures

Difficult/costly to implement with little benefit in embedded space

Proposed Hardware Profiles

  • Addressing broad application requirements

    • Core 2D

      • High-quality 2D geometry

      • Lines, polygons and text

    • Core Image

      • High quality affine transforms

    • Core 3D

      • Minimum footprint 3D

      • Including texture-mapping

Core 3D

Core 2D

Core Image

Industry momentum

Safety Critical





Strong support from ARINC and aerospace companies including Boeing, Airbus, Rockwell, Honeywell, Smiths, Lockheed…



Poorly defined standard API requirements.Discussions with BroadcastCL group- to avoid divergence


At a meeting in April 2002, Symbian and the cell phone industry selected Khronos’ “Embedded OpenGL” as the graphics API for cell phones with accelerated 3D in 2004



Web pads



Industry Momentum

New Visual Processing APIs

Aggressive timelines
Aggressive Timelines

  • Embedded industry won’t wait

    • Need ratifiable specs by the end of the year

    • Next working group meeting at Siggraph


“Embedded OpenGL 1.0” ratified by Khronos


First draftspecification


First working Group Meetings


Khronos Participation agreement available

Embedded opengl roadmap
Embedded OpenGL Roadmap

  • For embedded OpenGL applications

    • Embedded OpenGL can eventually migrate to “pure” OpenGL 2.0

      • Provides a small core for advanced embedded visual processing

    • Can repeat the exercise of eliminating non-embedded functionality

      • OpenGL 2.0 already being designed with this transition in mind

Future Streamlined API Standards

“Pure” OpenGL 2.0

OpenGL 2.0

EmbeddedOpenGL 2.0

OpenGL 1.3

Eliminate redundant functionality.

Gain access to programmability.

EmbeddedOpenGL 1.0

Eliminate redundant functionality.

Profiles to suit market segments.