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User Interface Design

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User Interface Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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User Interface Design. Jie Cai Tiem-Yen Liang Soodtida Tangpraphaphorn. What is a User Interface?. UI is the basic format allowing a user to operate a program Command Line (CLI) is text-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) relies on pictures

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user interface design

User Interface Design

Jie Cai

Tiem-Yen Liang

Soodtida Tangpraphaphorn

what is a user interface
What is a User Interface?
  • UI is the basic format allowing a user to operate a program
    • Command Line (CLI) is text-based
    • Graphical User Interface (GUI) relies on pictures
  • Both user interfaces can be applied to biomedical informatics
    • But when?
ui components
UI Components
  • Most common GUI configuration
    • WIMP – window, icon, mouse, pointer
  • CLI configurations can vary
    • Scripts
    • TUI – looks like graphic, but comprised of text characters
design principles
Design Principles
  • Know your users!
    • Needs and goals
      • Special professional jargon
    • Computer literacy
  • Emulate a familiar system
  • Nobody loves an ugly GUI
human computer interaction
Human-Computer Interaction
  • Study of interactions between computers and people
    • Interdisciplinary field draws from informatics, psych, cog. sci., comp. sci., etc.
    • Clear understanding of HCI improves user-friendliness
clinical contexts
Clinical Contexts
  • Identify need
    • Clinical, administration, research
    • A precise definition of the problem
      • Tech solution is unacceptable if it misses the point
  • Technology addresses the need
    • Development driven by tech often fails
  • To do or not to do?
buy it develop it
Buy It? Develop It?
  • Off-the-shelf software
    • Less expensive
    • Expensive to customize
    • If it works well enough, BUY it!
  • Custom development
    • Expensive
    • Can we actually do this?
    • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
when things go awry
When Things Go Awry
  • If the user is not comfortable with the interface, he/she will give up
  • Mistakes can be ¢o$t£y
  • Case example (Ch. 5)
how to make it all better
How to Make It All Better
  • User involvement
    • Model user habits indirectly
    • Direct user involvement better, but complicated
      • Medical information specialists
        • Mediate between users and software developers
how to make it all better con d
How to Make It All Better (con’d)
  • User testing
    • Prototyping
    • Spiral model
  • Evaluation
  • Case example (Ch. 5)