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Build Execution into Strategy

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Build Execution into Strategy. Trent Hemann Bunde Walker James Yost. Build Execution into Strategy. A company consists of everyone from the top to the front lines All members need to be aligned around a strategy and support it; for better or worse Overcome organizational hurdles

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build execution into strategy

Build Execution into Strategy

Trent Hemann

Bunde Walker

James Yost

build execution into strategy1
Build Execution into Strategy
  • A company consists of everyone from the top to the front lines
  • All members need to be aligned around a strategy and support it; for better or worse
  • Overcome organizational hurdles
    • Important step in strategy execution
  • Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Trust and commitment
  • People’s hearts and minds must be aligned with the strategy
    • Voluntarily taking an extra step
  • This challenge is amplified in a Blue ocean
    • People required to step out of comfort zones
    • Creating blue oceans requires significant change
questions and doubts
Questions and Doubts
  • When people are removed from the top and less involved these questions arise:
    • What are the real reasons for this change?
    • Is Top management honest when it speaks of building future growth through a change in strategic course?
    • Are they trying to work us out of our jobs?
fair process
Fair Process
  • John H. Thibaut and Laurens Walker
  • People care about justice of process as much as the outcome
  • Satisfaction rose when procedural justice was used
  • Level playing field exists
    • Voluntary Cooperation
    • Perform to the best of their abilities
google s web tv
Google’s “Web TV”
  • Offer Google TV service worldwide by next year.
  • Strategy Formulation
    • Sony first to implement
    • No cost to developers and no fees to content providers
    • Not extending advertising either
    • Getting its platform in as many devices as possible in the quickest amount of time
google s web tv1
Google’s Web TV
  • Build Trust and commitment
    • Within Google
    • Sony
      • TV’s
    • Intel
      • Processors within TV’s
    • Logitech
      • Peripherals for interaction with TV (Remote, keyboard)
google s web tv2
Google’s Web TV
  • Voluntary Cooperation
    • Partners
    • Google: Top to bottom
  • Exceed Expectations?
    • Execute fair process
    • Keep everyone involved
the three e principles of fair process
The Three E Principles of Fair Process
  • Engagement
  • Explanation
  • Expectation
the three e principles of fair process1
The Three E Principles of Fair Process
  • Engagement
    • Involving employees that are affected by strategic decisions.
    • Shows management’s respect for employees and their ideas.
    • Sharpens everyone’s thinking and builds collective wisdom .
the three e principles of fair process2
The Three E Principles of Fair Process
  • Explanation
    • Everyone involved and affected should understand reasoning behind the final decision.
    • Shows that managers have considered other’s opinions
    • Employees trust managers intentions
    • Serves as a powerful feedback loop
the three e principles of fair process3
The Three E Principles of Fair Process
  • Expectation clarity
    • Managers need to clearly state new rules of game
      • How employees will be judged
      • Penalties for failure
      • Goals of the new strategy
      • Who are the new targets
intellectual and emotional recognition
Intellectual and Emotional recognition
  • Emotional- valued as human beings, regardless of hierarchy
  • Intellectual- ideas are sought after and given thoughtful recognition
  • Google Perks
importance of trust
Importance of Trust
  • Eagerness to trust and cherish the individual and have deep confidence in their knowledge
  • If recognized, employees will work harder and are willing to share ideas to confirm their intellectual worth
  • If treated with emotional recognition, emotionally tied to strategy, give it their all
    • “At Google, we know that every employee has something important to say, and that every employee is integral to our success.”
voluntary involvement
Voluntary Involvement
  • People will apply knowledge and expertise voluntarily
  • If employees ideas are not valued, they will hide them or sabotage other ideas
  • Push for roll backs, if 3 E’s not used because of a lack of trust
importance of intangible capital
Importance of “Intangible capital”
  • Commitment, trust and voluntary engagement= intangible capital
  • Fosters confidence in others
  • Act in interest of company, not self interest
  • Stand apart in speed, quality and consistency
    • Culture of innovation
how to accomplish trust commitment and voluntary c ooperation take aways
How to accomplish Trust, Commitment and Voluntary Cooperation (Take Aways)
  • Do not separate strategy formulation from execution
  • Implement fair process
    • People realize compromises and sacrifices will be necessary
    • See long term benefits of short term sacrifices