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COLLEGE SOCCER PLAYING AT THE NEXT LEVEL. It’s important to remember that when you choose a college, you’re choosing a home away from home for the next four years. A career-ending injury is always a possibility, make sure you’re at a school you’ll enjoy without soccer. To Consider:

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  2. It’s important to remember that when you choose a college, you’re choosing a home away from home for the next four years. A career-ending injury is always a possibility, make sure you’re at a school you’ll enjoy without soccer. To Consider: Size of School Public or Private Available Majors Scholarship Availability Location Helpful Resources The Official Athletic College Guide (available for both men’s and women’s soccer) This book includes over 1,400 scholarship programs around the country and includes contact information and brief synopses of each school and program. Your Home for 4 Years!

  3. To Consider: Playing time: Will I start my Freshman year, come off the bench, red shirt? It is appropriate to discuss with a coach what their plans are for you and where they see you fitting in with the team. Position: Where does the coach see you contributing most to the team? Style of play: Do you enjoy the coach’s style of play? Do you enjoy the coach’s style of teaching? Time commitment: Do you want to play year round? Or would you enjoy playing just a fall season with a shorter modified spring season. (Div. III) Compatibility: Take time to meet members of the team. Do you see yourself fitting in? Financial Aide: Does the program you’re interested in meet your financial needs? Picking the Right Team for You

  4. Selling Yourself:Get your name out! • Ok, you’ve done your homework and made a list of possible schools you’d like to attend, now what do you do? • Remember one word as you begin your journey down the road of recruitment: PROACTIVE • A coach can’t decide if they want you for their team if they don’t know you exist. Make sure you get your name and information out to coaches for all your events. You never know where they will be…. • Contact several coaches initially. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

  5. Freshman Year Focus on GPA and completing core courses. Begin to research universities. Sophomore Year Continue to build GPA and complete core courses. Take the PSAT. Begin to speak with your coaches to where you might fit in with the college game. Continue college research. If you are attending a tournament and you Have coaches you’d like to contact send them an introductory email with your information and your schedule. Junior Year Make a list of schools you’d like to attend and contact the coaches if you have not done so, making sure to give them your upcoming schedule, doing your best to play in high level tournaments, whether it’s with your team or guest playing (Raleigh, Surf, Texas Shootout) Check their website or call admissions to see if you are on schedule with your core courses. Take the SAT. Make unofficial visits to your top schools. Register at the Eligibility Center at www.eligibilitycenter.org (you must do this!) Senior Year Take SAT or ACT again if necessary. Finish with a strong GPA Apply to several schools and apply for financial aide www.fafsa.ed.gov studentaide.ed.gov Year by Year

  6. College coaches want to hear from you. They want to know YOU are interested enough in their school to take the time to contact them. They do not want to hear from your parents or a third party who has been hired to advertise you. Remember, the more time and energy YOU put into your recruitment, the better equipped you will be to make a decision. After all, you are the one going to the school and playing for the team! However, if a coach would like to see you play but can not make it to one of your games, video can be useful. Find out if the coach wants a full game or clips etc. Then, if you’d like to hire someone to video you, you can instruct them on what the coach will find most useful. This can be useful when contacting coaches in different parts of the country who may not be able to make tournaments on the East Coast. Recruiting Services: Worth the money?

  7. Making the Most out of your Visits • Whether it’s an official or unofficial visit, visiting a school gives you a great chance to learn more about the school than you can find on a website. • See if you can set up a meeting with the admissions department where you can find out if you are qualified for the University and find out more about the majors and departments at the school. • Try to spend some time with some of the players and do not be afraid to ask them questions about the team, the school, and the coach. You can usually tell pretty easily whether or not the players enjoy themselves. • If it’s possible, sit in on a class in a major you are considering. • Find out what type of academic support services they offer through the athletic department, tutors, computer labs, etc. • Tour the athletic training facilities and meet the trainer which will be working with your team. • Find out what their career services offer for the years after graduation.

  8. Sample Cover Email Be professional and personal. Include a header with the date Dear Coach _____, My name is Sarah Curtis and I play for the Dayton Soccer Academy u17 team and will graduate in 2004 (do not forget to include this!!!). Congratulations on making it to the final four of the NCAA tournament this past season! I have a great interest in attending your school. I am interested in Architecture and know that the school has a great undergraduate program. I wanted to tell you a little about me and am hoping to find out more about the team and the school. I will be playing in the Texas Shootout in June and have included my schedule below. I hope you will be able to come watch me play. I normally play outside forward or outside back. My number is 4 and our uniform is light blue with black shorts. Thank you, Sarah Curtis Ohio South State Cup Champions 2001-2004. District Tournament Champions 01 Fairborn High School ODP Ohio South State team 2000-2004 Regional Pool 2001. District Champions 4x400 meter relay team Fairborn high school GPA 3.8 SAT 1180 Fairborn High School (can include Guidance Counselor name and number) registered with eligibilitycenter schedule for Texas Shootout (include time, field number, field complex name as many tournaments have several complexes) (some teams have a player profile you can fill out online, look for this on their athletic website and if it’s available fill it out)

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