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Welcome to Adv. Lang Arts 8 th Grade (Mrs. McAleer ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Adv. Lang Arts 8 th Grade (Mrs. McAleer )

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Welcome to Adv. Lang Arts 8 th Grade (Mrs. McAleer ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Adv. Lang Arts 8 th Grade (Mrs. McAleer ). SOME FACTS ABOUT ME:. I was born in Brasilia, Brazil (yes, I love soccer ). I have been living in the USA for about half of my life (so my heart is red, white, blue… green and yellow  ).

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Welcome to Adv. Lang Arts

8th Grade (Mrs. McAleer)

some facts about me
  • I was born in Brasilia, Brazil (yes, I love soccer ).
  • I have been living in the USA for about half of my life (so my heart is red, white, blue… green and yellow ).
  • I lived in Michigan for about 11 years and graduated from Eastern Michigan University.
  • I am currently pursuing a degree in Gifted Education.
  • One of my goals is to become fluent in five languages within the next two years.
  • Both of my parents were legally blind.
  • I have been a teacher for over 10 years and have taught many different grades; however, middle school is by far my favorite group of students!!!!
course description expectations
  • A more challenging Language Arts course, this class will prepare students for 9th grade Honors English. 
  • Unit studies and themes will be consistent with the regular 8th grade curriculum, however, the swift pace of the advanced course will allow for more in-depth and enriched study. 
  • Advanced students will be held to higher expectations in both quantity and quality of their work and they are expected to work independently. Additionally, they must meet minimum grade point standards in order to remain in this class.
course description expectations1
  • The course content will be anchored in concepts from the College Board official Pre-AP program, SpringBoard text (Level 3), which focuses on the theme of challenge.
  • Students will explore challenges from multiple perspectives—personally, locally, and globally.
  • Students will focus on analysis of heroic archetypes and character traits, while also reading and evaluating elements of both fiction and nonfiction texts.
  • Students will hone their writing skills through projects such as writing essays to define a concept, persuade an audience, and present point of view.
course description expectations2
  • Students’ speaking, listening, and performance skills will be enhanced with opportunities for both formal and informal presentations.
core textbook
Core Textbook:
  • SpringBoard – English Textual Power (Level 3)

1. This textbook contains most of the core reading selections required for 8th grade in Broward County.

2. The hardcopy will be kept in the classroom; however, it will also be available online as a PDF file (further information will be shared with students in the coming weeks)

language arts support textbook
Language Arts Support Textbook
  • The Language of Literature

1. This anthology contains support reading selections that we will be reading over the course of the year.

2. Your child will soon be given a copy of this textbook to be kept at home.

3. Price of textbook if lost or damaged: $96.45

the giver by lois lowry nothing but the truth by avi

Students will complete in depth analysis of at least two novels. It is strongly encouraged that you purchase a paperback copy of theses novels to be used with “marking the text” strategies.



homework highlights
Homework Highlights
  • Homework will be assigned on a regular basis (I often
  • try to post upcoming assignments in advance).
  • Although I do have a class “website ” on Quia, my preferred method of keeping students/parents informed is through the Pinnacle Website.
  • I usually post assignment “narratives” on Pinnacle that detail my requirements and expectations.
  • Students are allowed to submit late assignments for PARTIAL CREDIT (exceptions are examined on an individual basis).
  • EXTRA CREDIT: several extra credit opportunities will be offered throughout the year. They will be entered on Pinnacle the last week of each quarter and could
  • considerably help improve a student’s overall
  • grade average. Please, encourage your son/
  • daughter to complete extra credit assignments.
pinnacle grades
Pinnacle Grades
  • You can see your child’s grades at any time by going on Pinnacle. Visit the http://pines.browardschools.comwebsite, scroll down and look on the right side of the page and click on the Pinnacle Grade viewer link.
    • User name is the 10-digit student number
    • Password is the child’s 4-digit year of birth, then the 2-digit month, then the 2-digit day (example: 19940927)
    • Select Pines Middle
    • You will be able to view a report card type summary of grades, and look at individual class grade books (You can also E-mail all of your child’s teachers within the Pinnacle grade book)
Here at Pines, we have a strong focus on essay writing and preparing your child for the Florida Writes test that will be administered the week of FEBRUARY 25TH, 2013.
  • The test will be 60 minutes in length and your child will be expected to write a 5 paragraph essay on a given PERSUASIVE or EXPOSITORY writing prompt.
  • This year there will be a major focus on ELABORATION and EDITING - Please, encourage your child to write as often as possible!

SYLLABUS:A class syllabus with detailed information regarding rules, routines, and procedures was sent home the first week of school. I also posted the syllabus information on Pinnacle under the “Signed Parent Slip” narrative.

classroom wish list
Classroom wish list
  • Ream of colorful PRINTER PAPER
  • Box of tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Yellow highlighters
  • Colorful Post-it/sticky notes
  • Youth/age appropriate NOVELS
if you have further comments questions concerns you may contact me via

If you have further comments/questions/concerns you may contact me via:



(754) 323 4000 Extension 3055

Planning 09:00-09:56am


Thank YOU!!!

for your continued support and understanding. Involved parents like you truly make a difference!

Have a wonderful night!