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The Iliad - by Homer 1200 B.C

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The Iliad - by Homer 1200 B.C - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Iliad - by Homer 1200 B.C. w Homer w. Greatest of the Greek poets 1,000 years B.C. Epic poems- 1 st to make stories a unified whole Sung for entertainment Stories taught Greek ideals. The Iliad Ilium - Greek for Troy Story of the Trojan War 10 years Fought over Helen of Troy.

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The Iliad -

by Homer

1200 B.C

w homer w
w Homer w
  • Greatest of the Greek poets
  • 1,000 years B.C.
  • Epic poems- 1st to make stories a unified whole
  • Sung for entertainment
  • Stories taught Greek ideals
homer wrote
The Iliad

Ilium- Greek for Troy

Story of the Trojan War

10 years

Fought over Helen of Troy

The Odyssey

Follows the Trojan War

10 years

Odysseus’s journey to return to Greece

A metaphor for every person’s journey through life.

Homer wrote -
wedding of peleus and thetis grandson to zeus and a sea nymph
Wedding of Peleus and Thetis(grandson to Zeus and a sea nymph)
  • Eris – goddess of discord, not invited
  • Eris crashes party - starts trouble
  • Golden apple – “To the fairest”
  • Hera, Athena, Aphrodite – claim it

It’s mine!


No, me!


Zeus – asked to judge

No way!

Choose between my wife, daughter, and Aphrodite?

Who else can I get?

paris prince of troy a playboy
Paris – Prince of Troy (a playboy)
  • Goddesses bribe Paris
  • Athena offers – ambition, fame, success in war
  • Hera offers – power, riches, King of Europe

and Asia

  • Aphrodite offers – the love of the most beautiful

woman in the world

paris chooses aphrodite
Paris chooses Aphrodite -

There’s just one little problem…

The most beautiful woman in the world is Helen…

and she’s married.


"the face that launched a

thousand ships"

Helen – wife to Menelaus, King of Sparta

(a half-mortal daughter of Zeus)

helen s father tyndareus
Knew many men would pursue Helen

Was afraid conflicts or wars would be fought over her

Convinced suitors to swear an oath

Helen’s father, Tyndareus
  • to always protect Helen
  • to support her husband ,
  • whomever she chose
paris visits helen and menelaus
Paris visits Helen and Menelaus
  • Welcomed as a guest
  • Kidnaps Helen
  • Menelaus - raises army from suitors
  • Agamemnon- Menelaus’s brother leads expedition
  • Achilles – greatest Greek warrior

- son of Peleus and Thetis

- invulnerable, except for heel

siege of troy lasts 10 years
Troy – high and thick walls, surrounded by plain of Troy

Aphrodite- sides with the Trojans

Athena and Hera - side with the Greeks

Zeus- remains impartial

Achilles kills Hector, Prince of Troy –defiles body by dragging it behind his chariot

Paris takes revenge for brother –shoots Achilles in heel, killing him

Greeks – create a plan

- Odysseus – known for strategy

- Athena’s favorite warrior

Siege of Troy - lasts 10 years
the trojan horse
The Trojan Horse
  • Greeks create a large, wooden horse
  • Greeks sail away, leave as “gift”
  • Warned not to bring horse inside Troy

- Cassandra – priestess

- Laocoon – priest

  • Trojans celebrate
end of war
End of War
  • Soldiers slip out of horse and open gates
  • Greeks return
  • Trojans are massacred
    • Troy is burned
    • women enslaved
gods turn against the greeks
Gods turn against the Greeks
  • Ajax kills Cassandra in Athena’s temple
  • Athena is offended
  • Calls on Poseidon to create storm
odyssey begins here
Odyssey Begins Here
  • Greeks are scattered around the Mediterranean
  • Odysseus’s 10 year journey home begins